Princess Tea explores a castle under the sea

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Saturday morning Lincoln Christian church was transformed into a beautiful palace under the sea as the annual Harvest of Talents Princess Tea took on the theme “Under the Sea.”

The event, which is exclusively held for little girls and their grown-up girlfriends, included elaborately decorated tables, sea urchins hanging from the rafters, and fish swimming across the front stage area.

There was even one table that featured happily swimming goldfish in a lovely glass vase.

The girls themselves were dressed in their finest for the occasion, some sporting tiaras and wands.

2013 Miss Logan County Fair Queen Crystal Quint was on hand as a special guest, but as it was clearly stated in the morning prayer, every little girl there was clearly a queen for the day.

The annual event includes special beverages, snacks, and petite lunch items served by the designated hostess of each table. The little girls enjoy craft projects and coloring activities before and after lunch, and many other special activities keyed to appeal to specific ages and the gentler gender.

Pictures by Nila Smith



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