Wednesday, June 11, 2014
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Logan County Board Minutes
for Animal Control Committee

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[June 11, 2014]  LINCOLN - Animal Control Committee- Blue Room – Logan County Safety Complex April 9, 2014

Present: Kevin Bateman; Andy Anderson; Dave Hepler; Chuck Ruben

Absent: Jan Schumacher

Guests: Pamela Meagher; Julie Parker; Kelly Cale; Lisa Conley

Mr. Bateman called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

A motion was made by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Ruben to approve the minutes from March 12, 2014 as printed. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Conceal carry: Mr. Bateman and Mrs. Parker reported the signs prohibiting concealed carry of weapons on Animal Control property have been posted.

New Business:

Spay/neuter of dogs running at large:
The committee discussed situations where a dog is picked up for a second time. State statute requires the animal must be neutered/spayed within 30 days; however, there is nothing currently in the ordinance which allows detention of the animal until the owner is in compliance. A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to enforce the second time a dog is picked up for running at large, the animal must be spayed/neutered. Logan County Animal Control will transport to any Logan County veterinarian for the procedure at no cost for the transport. The dog must stay at the pound until it is spayed/neutered with no boarding charge, or the owner must place a $1000 deposit/bond which is refunded once proof is provided that the spay/neuter has been completed. If proof of the procedure is not provided within 45 days, the deposit/bond will be forfeited to Logan County. Motion passed. The proposed ordinance will be reviewed by the State’s Attorney before presentation to the full Board for approval.

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2014-2015 Animal Control contracts: Mr. Bateman recommended freezing the contract amounts at the same level as 2013-2014 since the CPI is only 1.5%. He also recommended mailing proposals with lower fees for communities who do not currently have contracts. The committee expressed concerns about offering lower fees to communities who do not participate, as this could be unfair to the communities who have been participating. A motion was made by Mr. Hepler, seconded by Mr. Anderson, to freeze the contract amounts for participating communities at the 2013-2014 rate. Offers will be made to non-participating communities and refunds will be made if the fee exceeds the actual number of calls in the year. Motion passed.

Administrator/Warden’s report: Nothing further to report.

Budget: No concerns.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to pay the bills as presented for payment. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


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