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Policy of blame

By Jim Killebrew

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[June 12, 2014]  On the Administration attempting to shift the blame for the recent trade of five Taliban generals for a prisoner that may have deserted from his post in the army: You just have to shrug your shoulders, hang your head, turn around and walk away. It makes no difference what scandal or bone-head decision is made in the White House and this Administration, the President is going to blame it on someone else; that is just a given with this President.

Some polls are now showing the President with only a 38 percent approval record; where are those whose thunderous applause in the stadium on the night the President-elect strode into the center of the stage with a light shone only on him as the people rejoiced in his election? Why are they not standing tall in support of the way he has been doing his job? Are they now ashamed of what they are seeing? If they are, I would ask them to not forget it is his policies they are in disagreement with; so by electing another person with the same policies they will only succeed in granting his Administration a third term. Just because he would not be the head of that third-term Administration doesn't mean it would deliver any better results than he has. One such example of those same policies reside in the presumptive front-runner, the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.

"Dead broke, but in debt" "12 million dollars in debt" after leaving the White House. Would have to work hard to pay for the houses and college tuition for her daughter. So voices the woes of Ms. Clinton. Let me see, two terms as the wife of the Governor of Arkansas, attorney, partner in the Rose Law Firm, wife of the President of the United States for eight years. Wow, what a pity party for someone who has been handed a pot of gold! She must be a victim…again. Shouldn't we feel so sorry for her it is actually our duty to anoint her as the next President. Forget the election, just make her President by acclimation. After all, she is just like the rest of us struggling just to make ends meet.

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The truth is she touts the same policy as the current Administration of which she was an important part. When it comes to blaming others for her shortfalls she has learned from the master blamer-in-chief. Regarding her role in Benghazi and the terror attack resulting in the death of the Ambassador and three other Americans, she has claimed she kept detailed notes regarding that incident. When asked in an interview if the investigative committee in Congress asked for those notes to obtain the information, she replied, "They can read it in my book." Nice, I guess her attitude about the events that went awry under her watch shouldn't matter to the American people now. After all, as she said about the event, "What difference now does it make?"

The policy of scandal and blame someone else while playing the victim and never taking responsibility is not a policy we want to repeat.


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