Petting zoo a warm and fuzzy fun start
to Lincoln Public Library's summer reading program

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Pictures by Curt Fox

Zookeeper Kevin Richhart (L) and Lyle Read checking out the zoo before the kids arrived. Lyle was Kevinís 6th grade teacher.

Even the adults had a blast feeding the animals.


The two alpacas were a bit shy.

Baby bunnies proved to be the biggest draw.

Baby swans in a bunch; well, actually that would be swans bunched-up in a flock.


Kevin Richhart (R), owner of Richhartís Mobile Zoo, and neighbor Rod Conley, who helps out, relax in the shade at the library before the kids arrived. This would prove to be their only chance to chill.


Shannon Skelton (R) and Kaeley Fitzsimmons (L) of Community Action stopped by to recruit for the Head Start program.

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