Petting zoo a warm and fuzzy fun start
to Lincoln Public Library's summer reading program

Album 3

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Pictures by Curt Fox

Chloe (L) and Kelsey (R) with some baby bunnies. A special thanks to Chloe who read the reporterís notes and corrected his spelling.

Kids lined the fence and were enchanted by the animals.



Lydia and her favorite bunny.

The welcoming window for the summer reading program at the library is an eye catcher! Deb Owens is responsible for the excellent art work. She is in the childrenís department at the library.

Mackinley was careful after petting the animals.



Mom Lesli and daughter Erin Hoagland having fun at the library.

This little goat was born only a week ago and is being bottle fed by Kevin Richhart.


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