Route 66 Ribs & Rides Cruise-in
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Pictures by Jan Youngquist

The Atlanta lumberjack is a popular tourist attraction. To the left of the flower pot, Atlantan D.J., Larry Collins kept the party going with great oldies tunes and made announcements. Collin broadcasts over a FDC approved airwaves that go out a mile to three miles around Atlanta.


He tries to play a wide variety of music that people can enjoy with an occasional community announcement thrown in.

These folks are from way down south and southeast, Georgia/Texas areas. They stayed the night in Lincoln and are working their north to Wisconsin, Rving. They stopped in Atlanta to see the lumberjack statue and were pleasantly surprised by the extra festivities of a car show and barbecue going on.


BBQ contestants judged by Kansas City Barbecue Society rules received chicken drum sticks and ribs to cook.

Asked if he had been competing long, Bucky Washam's answer "Since 7:30 a.m." could make you wonder if he understood the question; until he explained it was his first competition.

He said he'd been barbecuing for his wife (Joanne) in is backyard for years though.



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