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Main stream media

By Jim Killebrew

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[June 26, 2014]  The main stream liberal media is getting a lot of heat lately for their lack of news coverage surrounding hot-spot political issues and soft-ball questions they pose to the Administration. It seems they have been charged with being an extension of the Administration. Rather than practicing journalistic challenges to Administration policies, especially those of which a majority of Americans are not in favor, the media appears to have fallen in line with the policies no matter what. The tactics the liberal media have used, and continue to use, are nothing more than blind ambush and attack for no other reason than to destroy the opposition party.

Media attacks

If it looks as if the and conservative individual in business or politics, or even in the private sector may possibly run for President of the United States, the liberal media sharpens their claws to mount the attack on character. Even if that conservative person has been the Governor for a couple of terms and for the most part has been a good one. Or perhaps a person like Dr. Ben Carson who is a neurosurgeon with impeccable credentials is not immune to the insults and attacks from the liberal media. Perhaps not too much is known about him outside of his medical profession, but it seems he is a conservative and speaks conservative ideas across the country. From most accounts he is a pretty good guy with upstanding character and integrity. Too bad, he will be fodder for the media hounds who are already drooling to jump in and rip him apart. People of high character and honesty lose before they even enter the game. I would be surprised if he decides to enter the fray. The same thing is in store for any conservative person who dares to present him/herself for any high public office. Look at Sarah Palin who was on the Republican Ticket in 2008.

People with character and savvy are not going to put themselves out there because of what our media have become. They are like birds of prey, circling just overhead ready to strike anyone who even appears to challenge their sacred liberal agenda. They don't just ask questions or challenge issues or ideas, they attack the person with a vengeance to destroy the person and reputation. They fight dirty and aim to destroy; they hover closely to strike at any moment. They start rumors and lies about the person's character and rise up people from the person's past to castigate and intimidate the person's family and friends.

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All people have done things in their past that would be embarrassing if the beam of daylight were focused directly on specific incidents. Unfortunately, the press sees itself without sin, for they surly are on the front line to cast the first stone.

Could it be that liberal media anchors, graduating from liberal universities, taught by liberal professors, mingling with liberal friends, working at liberal networks and owned by liberal corporations have simply never gained any other perspective except the liberal perspective? Or at the very least perhaps they have forgotten to formulate independent questions that seek to discover a perspective other than their own. And of course, perhaps the most egregious of all they have simply never been able to control their own bias in favor of liberalism, and simply don't care.

It is too bad we sometimes have to settle for the second string of long-time politicians who have already been "vetted" by the media. Most of them have spent a lifetime in politics from one position to another. They wait in line and the political parties just seem to give the nod because it is "just their turn."


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