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Premeditated planned coincidence

By Jim Killebrew

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[June 27, 2014]  While listening to Paul Ryan during an interview on radio station WLS in Chicago on 6/26/2014, he laid out the case for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is chilling. Remember it was Paul Ryan who said he did not believe the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with his testimony about the "lost" emails surrounding the incident where Lois Learner had targeted conservative groups for investigation and stiff-arming by the IRS Agency.

Paul Ryan, a Congressman from Wisconsin said the Committee investigating the IRS behavior of targeting Tea Party groups had established a sequence of events that defies logic when compared to the explanation from the Commissioner of the IRS. The investigative committee in Congress asked for all the emails associated with Lois Learner during the time the IRS targeted behavior was underway; a period that was calculated to be about two years. The Congressional Committee was informed that during that two-year period of time all of the emails associated with the investigation in question that that were linked to Lois Learner had been lost due to a hard drive crash on Ms. Learner's computer.

The Congressional Committee called in the IT experts from the IRS to account for the efforts used to retrieve those important emails for that two-year period of time. The Committee was told the files were irretrievable; not only that, the hard drive in question was "recycled" so none of that information will ever be retrievable. The Committee asked about other staffs' computers that might have emails relevant to the investigation; staffs who were close to the operation being conducted by Lois Learner's group. Coincidentally, the IT staff reported that at the same time the computers of all six of those staff also experienced a hard drive crash. When asked if they could be forensically reconfigured so retrievable might be possible, it turns out, those other six hard drives were also "recycled."


So in this morning's interview with Congressman Paul Ryan on WLS radio, he informed the audience that an end email to another staff person was found that indicated Lois Learner had mistakenly received an invitation intended for Senator Charles Grassley, a republican from Iowa. He was being told by an event organizer about a gathering that was to be held where they were inviting Senator Grassley's wife to attend as well. They offered to pay for her to attend the event. The email that Lois Learner had received by mistake informing her of this event prompted her to send an email to a colleague in the auditing office to target Senator Grassley for investigation. The focus of the investigation: Ms. Learner wrote, "Looked like they were inappropriately offering to pay for his wife. Perhaps we should refer to Exam?" "Refer to Exam" means initiating an investigation and audit into the matter. Just another attempt to target another conservative organization for scrutiny in an effort to dig up dirt on a perceived "enemy" of the Administration.

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Someone might say, "So what's the big deal?" The bid deal is the President's Administration seems to be using governmental agencies like the IRS, National Security Administration (NSA), Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a tool to go after conservative groups and individuals whose conservative ideology counters the liberal points of the President. That constitutes an abuse of power that is tantamount to waging war on individuals, organizations and the Constitution. Especially when he is using the IRS that has the power to completely destroy an individual's life and livelihood by sequestering all assets, including homes from any individual it goes after.

When this is coupled with the fact that the Administration is also using the power of the office to use a pen and phone to establish policies that circumvent the legislative branch of government to enact laws that have not passed through Congress as Bills, like the Cap and Trade energy policies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that places a significant energy tax on the production of American coal that is costing thousands of jobs, and the so-called "Dream Act" that virtually eliminates the deportation of illegal immigrates, especially those who are under the age of 18, the Administration has abused the power of the office.

This abuse of power is further seen in the President's use of "recess" appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) even when Congress insisted there was no recess. The United States Supreme Court ruled on 6/26 2014 the President acted beyond the scope of his administrative power to try to define when Congress is in recess; the High Court ruled only Congress can determine when they are in recess, not the President. Therefore, the appointments made to the NLRB during that time were counted as null and void.

When the current political operatives of this Administration use the word "transparency" they actually mean they are hidden in the dark room behind a one-way mirror watching the American citizen's reaction to their back-room activities where they cannot be seen or heard by others. If the light of their dark room is inadvertently flooded with light, they collectively spew out a barrage of blame toward others and an avalanche of lies to create a cover-up. It is time this Administration stop inventing definitions of terms like transparency and use those terms with the meaning most people know to be the meaning. We do not need anymore premeditated planned coincidences.

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