Electric Vehicle’s invade Logan County on annual road trip

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This week, the cities of Lincoln and Atlanta were two of several stops for the 2014 State of Illinois Electric Vehicle Relay. The relay is a drive around the state of Illinois in electric vehicles or EV’s. To expedite their trip, the relay sent a Nissan Leaf to Lincoln early Tuesday morning where it was put on an electric charger on loan from Eaton Corp in Lincoln at City Hall.

The relay was scheduled to arrive in Lincoln shortly after 11 a.m. They were going to be met at the Lincoln Depot by Mayor Keith Snyder and several Eaton representatives.

The tour ran a bit late, but when they arrived, it was an exciting time for everyone.

Pictures by Nila Smith

Mayor Keith Snyder (right) visits with representatives from Eaton Corporation.

The relay vehicle arrives after getting charged up at City Hall.


The driver explains the charging system to Snyder.

A close shot of the built-in charge receiver.

 A look under the hood.

A look at the dashboard. Instead of a fuel gauge marking ‘full to empty,’ the gauge of this car tells the driver how many ‘miles’ are left until the car will need to be charged again.

The Road Relay team arrives in Lincoln.


Snyder greets Eric Heineman, Sustainability Director from the Office of the Governor.

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