Mayor Keith Snyder offers a walk-through tour of the Lincoln Depot

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Pictures by Nila Smith

Snyder said he finds the stainless steel kitchen, which is all original to the car, quite interesting.

Though the kitchen is stainless the floor of the car is wood slats. Snyder wondered if they were designed that way as part of the process for cleaning the car after a meal service.


Between the interior dining car and the exterior lounge car there is a large area that will also be removed when the depot is restored.

This is the lounge car that is visible from the exterior east side of the property:
This is also the car the Monticello Train Museum may be interested in taking.

Snyder pointed out the wall installations in this car that included ashtrays and a fold out tray for drinks.

He pointed out this wall, saying it was obvious it had been closed off, and will need to be re-opened.

This is another portion of the large room situated between the two rail cars. It appears that some but not all of these brick walls are part of the original 1910 structure.


This is a wall that was once the exterior of the depot:  Today it is the back drop for the ADA ramp just inside the front door of the depot. As is the case with many other items inside the building, this will be taken away in the effort to restore the building to its original look.


This is the original entry to the large building of the depot:  Currently it is enclosed, but eventually the entry will be visible from the outside again.

While there appears to be much to do, Snyder is hopeful the Depot will be fully restored to its original footprint within the next year or so. When the building is finished, the city will occupy the south building and AMTRAK will use the north building. The city has not yet discussed how they will utilize their space.


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