Members of Lincoln Area Running Club get ready to hit the road for a Saturday morning group run.  From left: Jacki Pavlik, Heather, Tony Newton, Penny, Todd, Mary, Missy, Angie and Brad Wilson.


Local enthusiasts invite others to run

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[June 29, 2014]  LINCOLN - The Lincoln Area Running Club (LARC) and the Lincoln Park District have a great way to start your weekends. Every Saturday morning area runners meet at the LPD Fit Zone on Primm Road between 7:45 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

At 7:45 it is to talk about running, and to give a few minutes grace period for sleepy heads or those delays by family duties a chance to get there for the start time of around 8 a.m. Most Saturday’s, the turnout is great with usually a dozen runners showing up.

LARC has been in existence for two years and has about 35 members. The club is partnering with the LPD hoping to increase membership. LARC president Tony Newton says, “We welcome runners from all of Logan County. We have members of all fitness levels and running experience.”

One LARC member even competes in ultra-marathons, which runs longer than 35 miles. Most of the members, though, keep their runs to more modest distances. One person joined to get the training necessary to complete the running requirement for her black belt in karate.

One of the benefits of joining LARC is the wealth of knowledge Newton and vice-president Brad Wilson have about running. They can mentor a new runner with advice about running gear and how to get started.

Jacki Pavlik, a marathoner and LPD Fitness Director said, “Many times folks new to running start off too fast or try to run too far, and then give up.”

LARC wants everyone to succeed, and they believe in the health benefits of running. “We can even offer advice to advanced runners on how to go faster and farther,” Newton said.

One of the attractions of the running club is the Saturday group run. “Many people want to run, but don’t want to do it alone,” said Wilson.

The Saturday group is comprised of runners of all levels. “Our group is here to encourage everyone no matter what their pace or goal is,” said Pavlik. “We never leave a runner behind,” she said.

Pavlik added that a person does not even have to be a member of LARC or the Park District to enjoy the Saturday morning run. “Runners can join us anytime,” she said.

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LARC has an annual awards gathering during which a MVP award is given to the person doing the most races in Logan County. LARC wants to support all of the races in the local area, and encourages its members to do as many as possible. A separate award is presented to the person doing the most races regardless of location.

One additional benefit of membership in the running club is the availability of insurance through Road Runners of America. Newton and Wilson can fill you in on those details.

LARC members are currently focused on several upcoming local races. The LPD “Up Up & Away 5-K” held during the Balloon Festival late August, the LARC “2-mile Tune Up,” and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s “Moving Forward 5-K” are on the schedule this summer. The dates for these road races are listed in the LARC website calendar section.

The dues for LARC are $15 annually for an individual and $25 for a family membership. Jacki and her daughter Heather take advantage of the latter one.

The Lincoln Area Running Club website has all of the details and can be found at 

A person wanting to join can print out a membership application or use the online option.

The Lincoln Park District website is 

Both groups also have Facebook pages filled with more information.


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