“Well, I sure didn’t see that coming.  I’m willing to bet,
neither did Springfield Lanphier."

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So, when the newest poll comes out on Tuesday, does this mean we will be cheering on the #1 team in the state? Well, common logic tells you the answer is yes. However, as highly as the Railers have been ranked all season, they have yet to receive a first place vote in the polls. It is possible a team below them may pick up some top votes and leap frog them. However, if anyone that casts a vote was in the gym tonight, there is no question which team deserves that top spot. They’ve earned it and Tuesday night, they should get the chance to start defending their ranking.

Of course, from Coach Alexander’s perspective, that top billing may be just another distraction that will provide other teams a reason “to put a thumping on us.” If the Railers continue to play this way, those other teams may not want what they ask for.

--LDN sports writer Jeff Benjamin

We knew they could do it, and we knew the Railer Nation would be there cheering them on, but we really didn't know that it would be as great as it was. 

When the Railelrs took out the number one team is the Central State 8 Friday night, the crowd was there going wild.

It was a tough game no doubt, but Coach Neil Alexander was very well pleased with his guys.  Now....let's go for the championship!!!

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