Newly anointed No. 1 Railers win by playing their lucky card

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"Every year, they say in the state tournament, you get a lucky card," Lincoln coach Neil Alexander said after the hard-fought battle. "Tonight, we played ours. We're trying to get them to understand it's now one and done. There is no time to mess around."
  LDN sports writer Jeff Benjamin

Tuesday night the Lincoln High School Railers went up against the Decatur Eisenhower Panthers in the Railers' first game of regional play.

They won the game, but not in the stellar fashion they displayed last weekend against Lanphier. But as they say; a win is a win, even if it is ugly.

The Railers will be back on the court Friday night, and as the LDN sports writer observed, it would be a great time for the Railer Nation to show up in full force and help keep the energy up at Roy S. Anderson Gymnasium.

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