Repairs begin on the world's largest covered wagon

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When the world's largest covered wagon was blown off its wheels in a storm with wind and snow a few weeks ago, the board members of the Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau of Logan County said they wanted to act quickly to get the wagon fixed.

There was insurance on the wagon to cover almost all of the repair cost. Matthews Construction, which has done a great deal of work on the wagon in the past, immediately expressed that they wanted to do this job as well. In addition, David Bentley contacted the tourism bureau and said he would like to be involved. A third party from Arthur, Ill., also wanted to place a bid on the project.  In the end, Matthews and Bentley decided to work together and submitted a bid that was the lowest at just under $16,000.

Pictures by Nila Smith


The front wheel on the south side comes off.

In the next few shots a person can get a real appreciation of just how large these wheels are.



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