Historic Lincoln Depot to be restored to its original 1911 footprint

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It's been a long time coming, but very soon the Lincoln train depot will belong to the city of Lincoln. When the purchase is completed, there are plans in the works to restore the train station to what it was in 1911, the year it was built.

Mayor Keith Snyder is excited to see this beautiful landmark return to the city and is looking forward to bringing it back into its glory days. The future uses for the depot are yet to be determined, but the city is excited about the possibilities.

Read more about this in an exclusive interview with Snyder in today's TOP STORIES.

Pictures by Nila Smith with blueprints provided by Mayor Keith Snyder.

The depot building as it was built in 1911

The structure as it looks today.

What it will take to restore the building. The light green areas will be removed from the site. This includes the back deck, the twin cabooses and the two Pullman cars.


This is the original baggage building.

The brick wall immediately to the right of the baggage building will be removed and returned to an open-air walkway with a roof over it.

The wooden deck on the track side of the building will be removed.

The caboose cars and the Pullman cars on the east side of the building will be removed as well.


The entryway on the east side will be restored to an open canopy with brick pillars. The wooden sunroom-like structure to the immediate right will also be removed.

The south side of the building  is all original and will be maintained to preserve the historic structure.


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