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Rare goat at Miller Park Zoo gives birth

Zoo's San Clemente Island goat has kids

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[March 18, 2014]  BLOOMINGTON A rare breed of goat at the Miller Park Zoo is the latest animal to give birth at the facility. Breeze, one of the zoo's San Clemente goats, recently gave birth to two kids, females named Dorothy and Jenny.

The goats are native to San Clemente Island, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of California. The goats are listed as a critically endangered heritage breed. The global population of San Clemente Island Goats is around 600.

Miller Park Zoo is home to six adult San Clemente Island goats. There are four females Bella, Valencia, Becca and Breeze and two males, Poseidon and Vern. Each of the adults is 1 to 4 years old.

The captive birth of this rare goat breed is the fourth consecutive year kids were born at the zoo. The Miller Park Zoo was the first ever to have a San Clemente Island goat born in the state of Illinois.

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Only a small number of zoos exhibit San Clemente Island goats. This breed of goat is relatively small, but larger than dwarf breeds. They are typically red or tan with black markings.

The kids born to Breeze are not the only goats to be born this spring. Valencia is also pregnant and expected to give birth soon.

The goat kids can be seen on exhibit in the Children's Zoo area.

[Text from Miller Park Zoo news release received from Bloomington Parks & Recreation]

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