Railers head off to Peoria as members of the state's Final Four

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Thursday morning, Lincoln Community High School hosted a pep rally in honor of the Railer varsity basketball team and invited the public to come in and participate as well.

The Railers were preparing to head out to Peoria for the rest of the day to get acquainted with the Peoria Convention Center and the basketball court where they will play, hopefully, two more games and come home as the Illinois High School Association Class 3A state champions.

The team has already soundly secured a fourth-place position in the state, winning Tuesday night against the Cahokia Comanches. The guaranteed fourth place is something a Railer team has not seen since 1980.

After the rally, the team was given a hero's escort out of town by the Lincoln fire and police departments.

Over the weekend, Debbie Olden and Jeff Benjamin will be at the games, documenting this chapter in Railer history. Debbie is registered with the IHSA as the official LDN photographer. She will have prime spots on the floor to grab her pictures and will be welcomed on the floor after the games for group shots as well as trophy presentations. Jeff will be giving us his wonderfully written reports on each game as well.

Pictures by Debbie Olden




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