Lincoln and Railer Nation will remember and always adore this team

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PEORIA  Saturday was a tough and bittersweet day for the Lincoln High School Railsplitters and their fans. The tough part was going in looking to be state champions and coming out in what most would consider second-best. But as it was noted in a sign on the parade route Saturday that led the Railers back to a "welcome home" reception, "The Railers don't take a back seat to anyone."

They are our heroes. They broke a school record by a long mile, coming in second in state for the first time in Railer basketball history. Gavin Block exceeded 1,000 points in his high school career, another big milestone. The Railers also are right at the top of the list for teams with the highest number of 3-pointers. Indeed, the guys don't take a back seat to anyone.

They played a very good team in Morgan Park. Obviously they were good, or they would not have been in the game at all. The Railers stood their ground in the first half, and even as the second half began, but the Mustangs were tough, and the game got physical and was very intense from beginning to end. At the final buzzer, the spoils went to Morgan Park, but the real heroes came home to Lincoln.

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