Progress report on world's largest covered wagon

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Last week Brad Matthews of Matthews Construction and David Bentley opened up the garage doors and gave LDN a peek at how they were progressing on repairing the wagon wheels for the world's largest covered wagon.

The wagon fell over to one side in a windstorm earlier this year, causing severe damage to two of the gigantic wheels and minor damage to a third.

The two wheels had to be replaced, and Matthews, his crew and Bentley have been working to accomplish that. Last Thursday they were ready to show off their work.


Pictures by Karen Hargis and Nila Smith

The rebuilding is completed.

The wheels are ready for sanding and paint.


To be historically correct, the back wheel is 12 feet tall while the front wheel is 10 feet tall.

A Matthews crew member puts the size of the wheels into perspective.

David Bentley poses between the two wheels.

On Friday the wheels were ready for their first coat of redwood stain.


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