Progress report on world's largest covered wagon

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As work continues on the wagon, Matthews said there was a possibility the crew could be ready to put the wheels back on the wagon next week.

In the meantime, at the Tuesday evening meeting of the Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau of Logan County, the board discussed the ax that came with the wagon and has never been at the site. They decided to see if the ax could be attached to the wagon in some permanent fashion once the restoration is done.

Pictures by Karen Hargis and Nila Smith

On Monday, Bentley and Matthews started wrapping the new wheels in steel.

Abe is going to need some work as well. Matthews examines the fiberglass statue and notes work that needs to be done before a new coat of paint is applied.


Meanwhile the flip side of another wheel is getting its coat of paint.

Getting closer to finished.

Going out to the wagon site, Matthews discovered someone had intentionally damaged the fourth wheel. He points out here the crack in the hub.

Work has started on the wagon.  Because of the damage to the one good wheel, a fence has been put up to help keep people away for now.


Abe's book is also broken. Matthews holds up the half that will need to be repaired.

Looks like Abe has a new coat ... of paint, that is.


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