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County meeting minutes

Road and bridge

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[March 31, 2014]  Below is a copy of the minutes from the Feb. 3 meeting of the Logan County Board Road and Bridge Committee.

Road and Bridge Meeting
Blue Room, Logan County Safety Complex
February 3, 2014

Present: Bill Martin; Rick Aylesworth; Gene Rohlfs; Chuck Ruben

Absent: Bob Farmer; Andy Meister

Guests: Bret Aukamp; Curt Fox

Mr. Martin called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Aylesworth, seconded by Mr. Ruben, to approve the minutes from the January 13, 2014 meeting as printed. Motion passed.

The list of claims for payments was reviewed. A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Aylesworth to approve the list of claims for payment. Motion passed.

Monthly report on current maintenance and construction: January involved a lot of snow removal. There were several snow events this month, and required 12 days of snow removal. Machinery has been holding together with some minor problems. Mr. Aukamp reported we have had a busy winter for snow removal and the salt supply is getting low. We have purchased all of the salt on our contract, and are unable to buy any more. We conserve our resources by only applying salt/cinders to the critical areas like curves and stop signs. The crew has also continued the effort of daytime sign inspection. We are performing monthly checks on all county highways to verify that all inventoried signs are in place. The frozen ground makes sign repairs difficult this time of year. Some damaged signs need to be installed on temporary support until soil conditions improve. The night-time sign inspections were completed in January. While most signs are clearly visible during daylight, some have very little reflectivity making them difficult to see at night. Critical signs that are longer reflective are being replaced with the new high- intensity prismatic signs that offer much better reflectivity. The crews are using the cold days to make equipment repairs to our sealcoat equipment. The broom had several leaks noted during the summer sealcoat season. Those leaks were inspected and it was determined that the main seal on the engine needed to be replaced, and the control valve needed to be rebuilt. These repairs were beyond our in –house capabilities so we had to take the machine to Springfield. The estimate for the repair work is $2,000.

Construction Report: Nothing active at this time.

Engineering Report: Bridge inspections were slow going this month due to the very cold temperatures. They are currently working in Mt. Pulaski Township and will continue to work through February whenever the weather is fit to be climbing under bridges.

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Old Business:

1) Planned improvement to C.H 3 (north of San Jose) and C.H. 16 (Delavan Road): The crew plans to start working on County Highway 3 and County Highway 16 they plan to update the road by recycling the roadway and widen the road. Local funds will need to be used to widen the roadway. It is possible that other funds could be used to recycle the existing road base and place additional rock. We are waiting for roadway cores to show the thickness of the existing road. With that information, we will be able to finalize the design and determine funding.

2) Nicholson Road resurfacing project: The project is moving forward, planning to begin work in April.

3) Sign Upgrade programs: Mr. Aukamp is hoping to get these signs here soon so the crew can put them up. He is hoping they can begin to put the signs up this summer.

4) High Speed Rail Crossings: The project is moving forward, starting to wrap some of the final problems up.

New Business:

1. Discussion of Local roads funding- Mr. Aukamp passed out information on decreasing of funds. Historical data was given showing how levy funds continue declining. The max Highway levy is 10 cents and this year it appears will be approximately 8.3 cents. This will be the lowest tax rate since the mid- 1960’s. There are also additional payroll and insurance expenses being paid by the department. Mr. Aukamp has pulled from motor fuel as much as possible, but this is slowing dwindling away. Sealcoating costs have triple while revenues have declined. It is difficult to maintain roads with this scenario. Any further cuts will result in an obvious decrease in the level of service to the public.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Aylesworth, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:30 pm.

(See PDF version.)

[Text copied from minutes from Logan County Board website]

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