Lincoln Junior High presents 'Drac's Back'

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The Lincoln Junior High spring play, "Drac's Back," is being presented tonight and Saturday evening at 7 in the junior high gym.

Directed by Louella Moreland, the play concerns the goings on at the home of Dracula's two sisters. Dracula shows up with his new wife, looking for a place to stay, and is greeted by his less-than-welcoming sisters.

The play really gets going when a group of Lincoln Junior High students in their teacher's van on the way to a science fair run out of gas and end up at the spooky mansion.

The sharp dialog of the comedy, especially the back-and-forth between Dracula and his sisters, is a hoot. The large cast and crew make this a fun evening.

Pictures and text by Curt Fox

Liam Gowan mans the light board.

Lincoln Junior High students on the way to a science fair


Dracula and his sisters

Drac and Mrs. Drac

The unwitting students meet Mr. and Mrs. Drac.





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