CJ Smokehouse named grand champion at first Graue Invitational Barbeque

Album 1

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Saturday morning smoke filled the air around the dealership of Graue Chevrolet, but no one called the fire department. Instead they called their friends and family and urged them to come on down and enjoy some wonderful smoked and barbequed meats at the Graue Invitational Barbeque.

Pictures by Lisa Ramlow and Nila Smith

Still looking a bit sleeping in the early morning hours.

Chris Graue and the Bow Team are up and smokin’.


WLCN radio is on hand for a live feed.

One vendor, Dave’s Drums, was hoping to drum up some business.

The barn door is open, but probably not for long.

Big chunks of butter top the meat to be cooked.

This is one time when sitting in smoke is okay.


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