Thursday, May 15, 2014
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County to set salaries for clerk and recorder, treasurer, sheriff

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[May 15, 2014]  LINCOLN - The Logan County Finance Committee met on Tuesday for the monthly meeting. The primary topic for discussion concerned potential changes to the salaries of elected officials in the county.

Potential changes to elected officials’ salaries

The committee members discussed the potential raising of salaries for a set of elected officials working in the county. The county board decides whether or not the salaries of elected officials need and can be altered prior to an election. Approximately half of the four-year elected positions are up for reelection every two years. In general, the salaries are reviewed in context of what other counties are paying for the position and the county’s anticipated financial position.

The current salaries under review are for county clerk and recorder served by Sally Litterly; for treasurer by Vicki Dugan; and the sheriff position by Steve Nichols.

Ruben said that he has been reading through a list of salaries for county clerks and recorders in surrounding counties. “You can see that hers [Litterly’s] is close to the bottom end of these salaries, but it is the lowest one on the list.” Ruben said that he imagined the salaries for the other elected positions would be arranged in a similar manner in other counties.


Ruben said that in the past the board has provided a percentage increase per year for each of the four years to these officials. In addition, elected officials do not receive raises as the other county employees do when the annual budget is passed.

“I sure think they deserve something. I’m very pleased with the job they all do,” said Ruben.

Andy Meister voiced his curiosity as to whether or not all three officials would be getting a raise in salary. Ruben said that is what he wants to see, although he was open to discussion on other ideas.

Farmer made a motion to adjust the salaries by three percent each year for the four years. After some quick math, the committee adjusted the motion to increase Dugan’s salary by $1,700; Litterly’s by $1,800; and Nichols’ by $2,000. This amount would be added each year of the four years, bringing the total to $22,000 over the four year period. With no discussion following the adjustment, the motion was passed by the committee.

The salary recommendations would go before the board for discussion at the Workshop on Thursday and needs to be voted at the Regular Meeting next Tuesday to be in compliance with the six-month prior to election requirement.

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County assessor’s retirement

Also at the meeting, County Assessor Rosanne Brosamer announced her intention to retire from the position this year. The assessor is a board appointed position.

Brosamer said she has set a target date of August 1st for her retirement. “It’s been a good ride,” said Brosamer, who will be retiring after 36 and one-half years of working for the county. “It’s time for young blood to be in the office,” she said.

Brosamer also said that the assessor’s office has recently begun working with new computer programs. Brosamer said that the timing presents a good opportunity for the county to bring in someone new who has been working with the new program from the beginning.

Brosamer has provided county board members a list of qualifications for the position in order to aid their search for a replacement. Chuck Ruben said he would like to see a list of resumes narrowed down to two or three candidates before the June county board meeting. A subcommittee consisting of Robert Farmer, Jan Schumacher, Chuck Ruben and Rosanne Brosamer will be reviewing resumes that come in for the position.

The committee members thanked Brosamer for all of her years of hard work and dedicated service. Brosamer said she will miss the people she has worked with over the years.

Committee members present for the meeting were Chuck Ruben, Andy Meister, Jan Schumacher, Robert Farmer and Rick Aylesworth. Guests included County Assessor Rosanne Brosamer, Circuit Clerk Mary Kelley, Treasurer Vicki Dugan; and Sally Gosda, financial officer of the Health Department.


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