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Greatest cause of human death…the choice from a choice

By Jim Killebrew

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[May 19, 2014]  By far the greatest killer of human beings in America results from choice. Not only that, the greatest killer of human beings resulting in choice of one human being choosing the death of another human being is perfectly legal in America. It is not only legal, but highly applauded by many people.

The United States government has not only legalized the choice of some people killing other humans, but has restricted that choice to only one gender in America. Further, from that one gender, the federal government has chosen only a small segment of that gender to give the legal authority to make the choice to kill another human being. Of course the means of killing another human being that accounts for the greatest cause of death for human beings in America is that of abortion.

Not everyone has the legal authority to make that choice. The choice has been given only to women. Not every woman has that choice; only those who are in child-bearing age. Of course even that smaller group still remains unable to make that choice until they have become pregnant with a human child. At the point of conception that small segment of gender-specific humans are granted the choice to terminate the life of the child resulting from the choice that resulted in the conception. Once the choice for termination is carried out, that particular woman has the choice of abortion removed until another conception occurs. Once having exhausted all possibilities of conceiving, the woman has the right of choice legally removed permanently.

Consequently, choice is the mechanism used to make abortion the highest means of one human being terminating the life of another human being in America. Other means of death of human beings pale by comparison.

Accidents have claimed the lives of many thousands of people each year. In 2010, there were 33,687 deaths from motor vehicle crashes.

There have been great efforts to regulate the safety features in all automakers. There are air bag and seat belt laws throughout the country. There are development, construction, design and material restrictions on new cars that relate to safety. There are a myriad of state laws regarding speed limits, highway construction, lane usage, driver education, licenses required for driving and many other safeguards to ensure safe driving and the prevention of deaths from vehicles.

Suicides have claimed the lives of human beings each year as well; there were 38,364 suicides in 2010.

There have been great efforts in counseling, medical support and support groups to help prevent suicides. Prevention has been supported by psychiatric intervention, media awareness, entertainment highlighting the problem and prevention strategies, numerous organizations supporting intervention and prevention, private and government studies of causes, triggers, signals to identify prevention and higher education courses for training health professionals in treatment and prevention techniques.

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Yet, in 2010 there were 15.68 times more deaths by abortion than vehicle deaths or suicides combined. The Center for Disease Control recorded the deaths in 2010 for the leading causes of death through disease. Those deaths included:

Heart disease: 597,689
Cancer: 574,743
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
Alzheimer's disease: 83,494
Diabetes: 69,071
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, & nephrosis: 50,476
Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097

Although heart disease and cancer vie or first and second disease that accounts for the highest number of deaths by disease, neither even comes close to the number of deaths caused by abortion in any year recorded.

Abortion has resulted in half again as many deaths of human beings than heart disease. The same for cancer; twice as many died from abortion than those who died from cancer according to statistics from 2010. With all the rest of the diseases listed, the total less than one-half of the deaths caused by abortion.

During the same year, 2010, there were 1.13 (1,130,000) million human beings who died as a result of abortions in America.

The efforts from pro-life organizations or individual to curb or prevent the abortions in America have been met with ridicule, anger, attack, name-calling, charges of being radical and a great deal of effort to marginalize any attempts to change the course of abortion in America.

Yet, in 2010 there were 15.68 times more deaths by abortion than vehicle deaths or suicides. So the number of deaths through abortion continues to be the greatest killer of human life than any other form of death; and it continues to be legal.

So the number of deaths in America through abortion continues to be the greatest killer of human life than any other form of death; and it continues to be legal.


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