Friday, May 23, 2014
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Logan County Board Minutes
for the Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency

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[May 23, 2014]  LINCOLN - Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency, Logan County Safety complex Blue Room, March 19, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: The Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency met on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 in the Blue Room of the Logan County Safety Complex. Chairman Jim Struebing called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM with the following members present: Pat O'Neill - Logan County, Paul Lee - Elkhart, John Utterback - Mt. Pulaski, Ivan Rademaker - Emden, Doris Last - Hartsburg and Michele Rohlfs - Agency Coordinator; there was a quorum present.

APPROVAL OF JANUARY MINUTES: Chairman Struebing asked for comments or corrections to the January minutes; none noted. Mr. Ivan Rademaker motioned to approve the January minutes, seconded by Mr. Pat O'Neill; all approved and the motion carried.

PAYMENT OF BILLS: Mr. John Utterback motioned to pay the February 2014 bills, seconded by Mr. Ivan Rademaker; all present approved and the motion carried. Mr. Pat O'Neill then made a motion to pay the March 2014 bills, seconded by Ms. Doris Last; all present approved and the motion carried.


UPDATE ON DRIVER STATUS: Ms. Rohlfs began the update by informing the board that effective today, Mr. Ron Robertson, Substitute Driver, has resigned from the program. Mr. Robertson has been serving as the substitute driver for Mr. George Fishburn, who is unable to drive due to failing the hearing test portion of the IDOT physical. Mr. Robertson is returning to work as a full-time driver for Davison Trucking. With Mr. Robertson's departure, the Agency is without a licensed driver for its recycling route.

While Ms. Rohlfs had been informed of Mr. Robertson's departure on Tuesday, March 18; she was unable to confirm it with Mr. Robertson until the following morning. Following the confirmation, Ms. Rohlfs immediately began contacting her resources in an attempt to secure a new driver. Ms. Rohlfs left messages with two individuals, one who is a former Area Disposal driver and the second who is retired from the Lincoln Street and Alley Department regarding the driver's position. She is awaiting a return call from both individuals.

Ms. Rohlfs also contacted Mr. Scott Schreiber, new Area Disposal Manager, to ensure that bins would be dumped if the Agency was not able to secure a driver to run the recycling route the following week.

In another conversation with Mr. Walt Landers, former Area Disposal Manager, Ms. Rohlfs reports she was informed that a driver might not have as many restrictions if they drive for a municipal agency. She has contacted the Secretary of State's Office to obtain clarification on this issue.

2014 IL-EPA ELECTRONICS RECYCLING GRANT: Included in tonight's materials is a copy of the approval letter for a $2,000 Electronics Recycling Grant for FY '14. This grant is limited to educating the public on options for electronics recycling. Ms. Rohlfs has already contacted Lincoln Daily News and the Logan County Herald about extending our current internet advertisement program. She will be contacting the Olympia Review and the Mt. Pulaski Times to place print ads.


LOGAN COUNTY COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR/RECYCLING ACTIVITIES: Ms. Rohlfs distributed flyers for the upcoming Logan County Community Health Fair being held at the Lincoln Park District on Saturday, March 29"' from 9 AM - 1 PM. The State Bank of Lincoln will again be sponsoring Confidential On-Site Paper Shredding in the Lincoln High School parking lot from 9 AM - 12 PM and the Lincoln Woman's Club will be collecting glass for recycling. Eyeglasses, hearing aids, plastic bags, cell phones and printer cartridges will all be collected for recycling, along with pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and old medications for secure and environmentally responsible disposal.

CHARRON'S AUTO REPAIR WASTE OIL COLLECTION: On Saturday, April 26, 2014, in observance of Earth Day, Charron's Auto Repair will be sponsoring a collection of Waste Oil from cars, motorcycles and lawnmowers. They will also collect used car, motorcycle and light truck batteries. The collection will be held at Charron's Auto Repair, located at 929 S. Kickapoo Street from 9 AM -12 PM.

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ROLL-OFF CONTRACT: Every three years, the roll-off contract with Area Disposal comes up for renewal. The current contract expires in June. Past contracts have allowed Area Disposal to annually increase rates by 5%; this year's rate was increased 3%. Ms. Peggy Lee had inquired if Area Disposal could do the recycling route for an amount less than agency costs. Ms. Rohlfs spoke with Area Disposal and the company was interested in providing quotes for both the recycling route and roll-off services. Ms. Rohlfs requested two separate proposals be submitted. Ms. Rohlfs compiled a Comparison of Collection Costs which is included in tonight’s packet detailing actual agency costs and proposed Area Disposal costs. Area Disposal submitted a proposal that shows their costs for the recycling route would be almost $14,000 more than current agency costs.

Additionally, Ms. Rohlfs contacted Advanced Disposal, formerly Veolia Environmental Services, to inform them that the agency was seeking proposals for both roll-off services and the recycling route. Per discussions with Advance Disposal; it is anticipated that their proposal will be for roll-off services only and will not include a proposal for the recycling route. If submitted a proposal should be received prior to April's board meeting. Advanced Disposal notes the company may be ready the next proposal cycle to submit a bid for both services.

Ms. Rohlfs continues to contact regional disposal companies seeking proposals, but due to distance, transportation costs and the rural make-up of the county, most companies are not interested.

The question was raised regarding the status of the agency's recycling truck. Chairman Struebing reports the agency is currently in the information-gathering stage on the costs of a newer vehicle; both Chairman Struebing and board member, John Utterback have been searching the Internet for a suitable truck. Our minimum requirements would be a 20 yard bed as our current 16 yard bed has at times been filled to capacity. It was suggested if recyclable materials were collected in a single-stream, the Agency might save on costs. Ms. Rohlfs stated the agency was not collecting materials in a single stream because paper rebates (when paid) are higher on a mixed paper load than on a mixed load of comingled plastics/metal and paper.

Chairman Struebing provided information on a used garbage truck (located in Indiana) that was found on the Internet. Chairman Struebing notes there have been no discussion as to how the Agency would pay for a new truck. The Agency does hold a Certificate of Deposit in the amount of $6,000 and revenues will grow in 2015 due to increased assessments that will be collected in the second half of 2014.

COMPUTER UPDATE: Windows is ending tech support of XP in June 2014. Viscon, the company that provides IT support for the courthouse, has provided a quote for an upgrade of the Agency's computer. Viscon has been involved in the wiring upgrade at the courthouse. Once the wiring upgrade is complete, the Agency's computer will no longer be compatible with the system at the courthouse.

UNANNOUNCED NEW BUSINESS: Ms. Rohlfs provided board members with a spreadsheet detailing 2013 recyclable totals by month and material.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Pat O'Neill motioned to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Ivan Rademaker; motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:09PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Pettus
Recording Secretary


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