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Force Multiplier CrossFit is the Chamber Business of the Week

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[November 05, 2014]  The Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Week is Force Multiplier CrossFit.

(Copy of questionnaire responses)

Business:  Force Multiplier CrossFit

Contact Person:  Ross Thomas

Phone#:  217-314-9065

Address: 1417 N. Kickapoo, Lincoln

How many employees?  3

Website:  www.fxcrossfit.com


I joined the Chamber because....

We joined the Chamber to help support business in Logan County and as a means for exposing people to unique services.

Why did you decide to invest in Logan County?

Have lived in Logan County for more than 30 years it seemed only natural to give back to the community that had given so much to me.

What products and services do you offer to Logan County?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes the power of community to radically change the lives of our athletes. Our coaches teach small classes where athletes learn Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, kettlebell and other strength and conditioning disciplines; which when combined with intensity, in a safe environment, produces the results CrossFit is famous for. We have people from every walk of life and a wide variety of fitness levels. Our program takes complex movements and scales it to the individual, to ensure the best results and to decrease the chance of injuries.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In five years we donít plan on being much different than we are today. Perhaps a little larger facility, a few more coaches and lots and lots of success stories.


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Five "Did you know" facts about

  1. Did you know . . . The key to losing weight isnít about how much you work out, but instead about the quality of food you eat? The foundation of CrossFit isnít exercise Ė itís nutrition. Eliminating highly inflammatory foods that over stimulate your insulin response is the first step on the road to health and fitness!

  2. Did you know . . . There are almost no degenerative lower back problems in the developing world? In the developing world most of the population are not office dwellers, but instead are actively doing the work of daily survival. In America many of us are sitting in chairs or riding in cars for much of our work day. Sitting has proven to be horrible on our lower backs; to the point some doctors are calling sitting the new smoking!

  3. Did you know . . . Squatting isnít bad for your knees? What?!? Thatís right squatting is in fact good for your knees. Squatting puts stress on the knees, very true. However, stress is the stimulus by which the human body gets fitter. What is bad for your knees is bad technique, load, and lack of variance in your training. We have athletes in our gym with who have been diagnosed with complete deteriorated meniscus. With proper technique and a coach with an experienced eye for movement faults, those same people are squatting all the time, pain free, and their knees are much stronger for it!


  4. Did you know . . . Lifting weights will NOT make a woman look like a man? It is exceedingly rare for a woman who lifts weights to develop the type of muscularity that might be associated with men. Some of the women in professional body building have supplemented their training with the use of drugs that increase their testosterone levels. Women in CrossFit donít look like men; they look like beautiful, strong women!

  5. Did you know . . . The most common reason we hear for not trying CrossFit: ďIím not fit enough to start CrossFit.Ē Thatís crazy talk! Our best athletes, who have seen the greatest successes, came to us on blood pressure medication, with Type 2 Diabetes, and were carrying way too much body fat. They were terrified their first day, but were quickly embraced by the members of our community Ė made to feel that their effort mattered, not their size, strength or shape. Itís that first step that changes everything, and we are here to take every step thereafter with you!

[Text copied from file received from the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce]

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