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A response to Jim Killebrew's Nov. 20th Perspective

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To the editor:

Jim Killebrew’s November 20 broadside against Islam leaves me scratching my head. The writer criticizes Speaker John Boehner for inviting a Turkish Muslim clergyman to open the House of Representatives with prayer. It seems to me that Congress needs all the prayer it can get. Mr. Killebrew seeks to link a peaceful, scholarly Muslim leader to crazed ISIL executioners, and he implies that the violence of ISIL is somehow rooted in Islam. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

ISIL represents a gross misrepresentation of Islam. At one time or another, all religions have been distorted by those seeking to justify violence. For example, a Christian queen of England once burned alive men who were guilty of nothing more than translating the Bible into English. Yet nobody would characterize the queen’s actions as “Christian.” Nor should we equate today’s violent Jihadism with Islam. They are two different things, and Muslims such as the man who prayed in the House chamber, present absolutely no threat to us.

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I’m proud that Speaker Boehner recognizes that America is a nation that guarantees the freedom of religion.

Thanksgiving is a good time to celebrate America’s traditions of religious tolerance.

Gary Davis

[Posted November 21, 2014]

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