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Response to Jim Killebrew's "Denying the Obvious"

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To the editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Killebrew’s recent article on “Denying the Obvious” which calls for “facing the truth” about the danger of “repeated calls for Islamic groups in America to elevate Sharia law over the Constitutional law of American jurisprudence.” He begins the piece by highlighting the incidence of Muslim Chaplains praying in the US House of Representatives and less than subtly infers that such occurrences place all Americans in danger from ISIL or ISIS extremist actions that are currently being perpetrated abroad. I encourage LDN and its editorial section to be more thoughtful and intellectually honest before publishing such partisan and prejudicial non-sense. Mr. Killebrew’s argument suggests that the practice of Islam by Muslim peoples are dangerous to our society by virtue of equating them to the horrible actions perpetrated by the participants of the same faith.

I wonder how Mr. Killebrew would feel if adherents to Christianity in Lincoln, IL were equated as dangerous due to actions on the part of other Christians? Should Christians in Lincoln be considered in light of the actions of Episcopal and Catholic Priests and Nuns implicated in participation in the Rwandan Genocide, Presbyterian and Methodists soldiers in the Nazi Army, or of 17th and 18th century European-American Missionaries who spread measles and smallpox through blankets to Native Americans? Would he consider it fair for others to view all local church members as dangerous to children after a elder or deacon (or two) were convicted of child abuse? I am sure he would respond that such overextensions and illogical conclusions would be ridiculous, and he would be right. Such debate tactics are also ridiculous when applied to our Muslim neighbors. Mr. Killebrew is fond of quoting Scripture in his articles and should be familiar with the verse that states “The measure you use shall be used against you.”

I too am a Christian, and do not embrace Islamic faith principles, but I do embrace Muslim people as Christ first embraced me, therefore I refused to mischaracterize or exaggerate their individual expressions of their faith and will oppose others who do so in the name of truth. I live in a country where freedom of religion is a founding Constitutional principle, and I celebrate that I can freely chose Christ and that they can freely chose other faith practices. I invite LDN’s editorial section to join me in celebrating this constitutional right by examining its publication practices on such topics not for “political correctness” but for truth.

[to top of second column in this letter]

I want to state that all Christians do not believe that hyperbolic rhetoric and talking points from Faux News are representative of our faith, though I can understand why my Muslim friends and acquaintances might begin to believe differently. I further propose that if Mr. Killebrew’s true concern is combating the minority of extremists here and abroad, he should stop exaggerating the truth of the young Muslim’s plight, and begin by building relationships with vulnerable individuals especially teenagers, and combating their vulnerability to the gang-like community offered by ISIS and its counterparts. Strong sociological and psychological research suggests such groups are attractive to children and teenagers who are isolated, marginalized and treated prejudicially. Mischaracterization and hyperbolic exaggeration in the media only feed that recruitment mill. If he is truly concerned about Sharia law being imposed on local and national processes, I offer to join him in opposing that the first time it becomes an issue in Lincoln, or even in Illinois law, but I suspect it will be a while till we picket and protest together as I am not aware of any such plans in the making on a local, state or even national level. Stating something is a danger doesn’t make it so. However it does create a hostile environment that shuts down actual dialogue and relationships (on individual and community levels), the real avenues for change.

I respectfully request that the editorial section of the LDNs thoughtfully consider attention to the more relevant difficulties facing our beautiful town. There are many dangers, inequalities, injustices and opportunities for change which deserve attention much closer to home and the editorial space of the LDN is wasting opportunity for meaningful impact by publishing pieces that simply echo national pseudo-news. If I wish to hear partisan talking points, I will watch cable news.

Tara C Samples, Ph.D., LCP

[Posted November 21, 2014]

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