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Local contractors star in renovation show on HGTV

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[October 23, 2014]  LINCOLN - Tune in on Halloween Day, October 31 at 1p.m. EST / 12 p.m. CST, HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is set to air the pilot episode of Haunted Renovation, starring brothers; Jude, Jake and Chad Bennett from Lincoln.

Haunted Renovation is a renovation show with a twist. Home owners who think their houses are haunted call in the Bennett brothers to not only run their renovation project, but also rid them of their ghosts. With a contractor, a designer, and a paranormal expert as your build team, your house won’t just be a dream come true, it will be the end of a nightmare.

“Jake and I are contractors, first and foremost. Our brother Chad is a paranormal expert”, says Jude. “In the show we combine our talents to help our clients in a way no one else can.” He goes on to explain, “We have a two part job. Firstly, we renovate houses, and we’re the best at it. Secondly, we find ghosts.” With their team of experts, the Bennett brothers will not only give your home a fantastic makeover, but will leave you with peace of mind as well.

“I don’t believe that houses are haunted,” says Jake. “I am a true skeptic. I do not believe in ghosts. My goal is to prove Chad wrong and debunk the myths of ghosts and haunted houses. What people may think are ghosts in their home, are most likely typical noises that happen in a house and are easily explainable. I’m not too concerned about “Casper”. My main focus is to please our clients with an awesome remodel and transformation of their home.”

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Chad states, “My brothers, Jude and Jake are amazing at what they do. However, I feel that my role is just as important. Paranormal occurrences are absolutely real and can be downright scary for a homeowner. I believe that sometimes when people die, they don’t realize they’re dead and they just stay in that space. My job is to collect evidence of paranormal activity and do whatever it takes to eliminate the homeowner’s fears. We’re not fake, when we say what we say and when we do what we do.”

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, we hope you tune in. This is a remodel show that also happens to demo ghosts. The makeovers speak for themselves; they’re amazing.


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