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Strategic plan in place
By Jim Killebrew

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[September 02, 2014]  More and more we are hearing about the threats from terrorist groups like ISIS or ISIL. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense have both warned us of the high danger of this group that is actually threatening attacks on America and Western Europe. We have seen the rapid movement of this group from Eastern Syria down through Eastern Iraq taking multiple millions of dollars a day in resources simply to build the caliphate as a base of terrorist operations. They have established a platform to launch their terrorist activities and seem to be gaining recruits each day, even from the United Kingdom and America. In fact, one of the major dangers being discussed now is the number of Westerners who are part of ISIS who have Western passports.

We are in a situation where people are being murdered all over the world by this Islamic terrorist jihadist group the President calls ISIL, even making threats against America. But our current Leader has said, "We don't have a strategy for ISIL yet." Even though the President has been briefed for over a year about what is happing with ISIL. That was on Thursday; by Friday the President was out fundraising again. Earlier the President had called this group the "Junior Varsity" team. Mistakenly, the President declared to the American people that Al Qaeda had been "decimated" and was "on the run." Yet, this offspring of Al Qaeda, ISIL, has established a platform of operations in the Middle East that even the parent group Al Qaeda has expressed fear of the radicalism being expressed.

As scary as that is, people from ISIS having passports to enter the country with ease, it is just as scary, or more so, having borders of the United States so porous thousands of people are flooding through so fast the border guards cannot stop them. Among that group are hundreds of people who are likely terrorists who plan to kill Americans. Why are the top advisors to the President and the President himself so set against securing the borders of the United States? If it is for the purpose of building another foundation of democrat voters as many seem to think, how can that be more important to the President than keeping the Americans who live in this country safe?

So if there is no plan to deal with the ISIL or the ISIS, which is the Islamic State in Syria, why is that being projected to those people who are listening so closely? Constantly telling those terrorist groups what we will and will not do as our leaders speak so openly on the public airways seems like a strategy that is defeating to America and advantageous to the terrorists. Just watching this, a reasonably prudent person would perhaps dismiss the idea the President believes his Administration has "no strategy for ISIS yet." Indeed, as we examine the actions of the Administration there seems to be a plan being implemented as we watch all this unfold. Perhaps the plan is not to take a stand against ISIS, or stand with Israel against Hamas, or push back on the Russian President in his invasion into an allied country. Taking little, or no action is a plan; and taking much action domestically that softens American's resolve for protection seems to be a plan.

Disarming law abiding Americans

It seems the plan is to "Lead from behind" on the foreign policy plan; but to charge ahead and lead progressively from the front on the domestic side. On the attempts of government to disarm law abiding Americans: Listen closely, the drums are beating, the march is on. An army of people are encircling the Constitution with the intent of removing all its relevance. Ever so slowly, one drum-beat at a time, inching forward making the changes in such incremental fashion nobody notices. Notice the cadence of the plan of "fundamentally changing America."

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Sophisticated military fighter planes to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt;

Weapons they want to ban in the U.S. sent to the drug cartels in Mexico;

U.S. citizens left behind in Benghazi;

Continued spending to unsustainable levels, creating generational debt;

Inflation creeping upward;

Elitists and Academics making policy in Washington;

Military generals being dismissed by civilian power; military resources being slashed;

Middle east countries being established as Al Qaeda break-away launch platforms; and,

Destruction of terms like "global terror", "war on terror", or "terrorist" being overthrown in favor of political correctness with examples like the Fort Hood Major now making public statements regarding his desire to join the fighting force of ISIS and not being prosecuted by the Department of Justice because it might enflame the Islamic sensitivity.

With the country reaching a majority of citizens dependently sustained on the public dole, the Administration seemingly wanting to expand that process by opening up the borders and providing a form of legalized immigration for those who entered illegally, the politicians are moving slowly, but surely, toward a European-type economy of collectivism to the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

Regarding the border issue, the only thing the President would have to do to secure the borders of the United States is to pick up his phone and call Harry Reid and ask him to support the securing of the border and most of the Congressional members would draft a Bill that would do just that and send him the Bill to sign into law almost immediately. One has to wonder what the real reason is for him to steadfastly reject the securing of the border and protecting Americans.

Regarding the actions to stop ISIS the President has at his call the entire military and the Pentagon Joint Chiefs to deliver a plan to stop ISIS and protect Americans. One wonders why there is so much public projection of weakness of America around the world by a President who has sworn to faithfully execute the duties of the Office of President of the United States. So much for being prepared! If some in America are longing for leadership, there is a reason why.


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