Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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Road and Bridge Meeting

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[September 03, 2014]  LINCOLN - Blue Room, Logan County Safety Complex June 2, 2014

Present: Bob Farmer; Rick Aylesworth; Gene Rohlfs; Chuck Ruben; David Blankenship
Absent: Andy Meister
Guests: Bret Aukamp; Curt Fox

Mr. Aylesworth called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Rohlfs, seconded by Mr. Ruben to approve the minutes from the May 5, 2014 meeting as printed. Motion passed.

The list of claims for payments was reviewed. A motion was made by Mr. Rohlfs seconded by Mr. Farmer, to approve the list of claims for payment. Motion passed.

Monthly report on current maintenance and construction: Mr. Aukamp reported crews are finally catching up on several maintenance projects. Mr. Aukamp has a crew working in Middletown to repair culverts. Many of the pipe culverts along the roadway have developed separations with suckholes that extend into the shoulders. The pipe sections were re-set and backfilled. Many of the culverts also require grading to remove blockage, or riprap to repair erosion. Shoulder discing was completed in mid-May. Crews have been out patching roads. Crews are out getting the roads ready for summer sealcoating projects and repairing the road edges where they are breaking apart. Mr. Aukamp hired two summer interns; they started May 19, 2014. Mr. Aukamp has his two summer interns removing debris from deck drains on the larger bridges. They are also mowing around guardrail areas to maintain visibility of the hazard markers and reflectors. Crews are continuing to stockpile rock for summer sealcoat program. Because most of the work will be on the east side of the county, crews are stockpiling rock in Latham, Beason, and outside Atlanta. Crews have already stocked piled near Elkhart. Sealcoating work for the County is expected to begin late June. Mr. Aukamp will send a press release out once he has a start date. Construction report: There are no active construction projects at this time. Engineering Report: Mr. Aukamp and crews are preparing final plans for bridge replacement project in Orvil Township. Mr. Aukamp is working with the highway commissioner to negotiate some right-of-way for this project. As time permits, the maintenance crew will be excavating some areas of County Highway 6 between Atlanta and Beason, and on Primm Road near 600th Street. Mr. Aukamp is in the process of monitor these areas to develop the best repair strategy for each location. Mr. Aukamp is still in the process of reviewing and monitor bridges based on the latest rounds of inspections. Right now there are currently 8 bridges that require special feature inspections which are done at intervals that range from 3 months to 12 months, depending on the severity of the bridge condition. He is also continuing to review plans for the High Speed Rail crossing improvements. Mr. Aukamp has been working on project development for several roadways and bridge projects that are still several years out. Because projects take so long to get through the design and approval process, Mr. Aukamp continues to assess all of the projects to ensure that he can have a fairly steady pipeline of projects ready for construction. This work also involves site visits to assess conditions and determine the most cost effective and timely solutions for repair. At that point, Mr., Aukamp begin to develop cost estimates and work toward programing funds to use for construction. Once he develops a project scope, He can begin conversations with consultants to begin design work.

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Old Business:

Mechanic/Road Maintenance Position: Mr. Aukamp is currently working on developing job descriptions for his union workers. Mr. Aukamp would like to have job descriptions in writing before contract negotiations.

Sign Upgrade Program: Mr. Aukamp reported the material proposals have been approved and he is awaiting delivery of the signs and posts. He was notified last week that delivery of the steal/anchors will be delayed until August.

New Business:

Preliminary engineering for upcoming bridge projects

Primm Road over Deer Creek(SN 054-3016): this project was selected to receive funding from the Major Bridge Program. The project is expected to be $2.4 million and the Major Bridge Program will cover $1.714 million. This project is expected to take place in FY2019. Mr. Aukamp would like to begin preliminary engineering so the bridge could be ready for construction before FY2019 if the funding is available.


Primm Road over Salt Creek (SN 054-3047): Mr. Aukamp does not have this project on his 5 year plan. The extent of deterioration of the bridge beams was just noted in the bridge inspections this spring. Rehabilitation of the bridge would be eligible for federal BRR funds. No funding currently programmed for this work. Mr. Aukamp would like to begin preliminary engineering as soon as possible before other problems develop. Mr. Aukamp plans to work with IDOT to get funding programmed.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Farmer, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:10 pm.


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