Friday, September 05, 2014
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Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency

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[September 05, 2014]  LINCOLN - CALL TO ORDER: The Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency board met on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 in the Blue Room of the Logan County Safety Complex. Chairman James Struebing, New Holland, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and the following members were present: Andy Anderson - Logan County Alternate, John Utterback - Mt. Pulaski, Fred Finchum - Atlanta, Ivan Rademaker - Emden, Doris Last - Hartsburg and Michele Rohlfs - Agency Coordinator; a quorum was present.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Chairman Struebing asked for questions or comments on the May minutes; there were none noted. Mr. Andy Anderson motioned to approve the minutes and Mr. Ivan Rademaker seconded. All present approved and the motion carried.

PAYMENT OF BILLS: Mr. Ivan Rademaker motioned to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. John Utterback; all present approved and the motion carried.


UPDATE ON DRIVER STATUS/ SEARCH: Mr. Todd Godbey, former Area Disposal driver, has been interviewed for the temporaiy driver position. His CDL license is current, but his health certificate has expired. He is returning to the doctor on Thursday, June 19th for a re-check before his health certificate is renewed. Upon receipt of current health certificate from Mr. Godbey, the Agency will have its truck back out on the route as soon as Monday, June 23rd. Mr. George Fishburn, Agency driver, knows Mr. Godbey from Area Disposal and said Mr. Godbey knows the truck and should work out well.

Ms. Rohlfs also spoke with Chris Cordray of Hartsburg, IL. His CDL license is current, but his health card had also expired. Mr. Cordray said he plans to renew his health certificate and will bring it along with his drivers license to the Agency's office as he would like to be added to the list as a substitute driver.

Mr. Andy Anderson asked if there was an update on Mr. Fishburn's status. Ms. Rohlfs stated that Mr. Fishburn will return to the Danville VA for a hearing evaluation on Thursday, June 26th. It is anticipated that he will be fitted for hearing aids at that time. He will then have to complete the IDOT physical. In the mean time, he will be assisting Mr. Godbey on the route.

REVIEW OF RECYCLING ROUTE CONTRACT: Due to the condition of the old collection truck and the increased per capita rate of $4.00 for FY 14-15, there was much discussion in previous months about whether the Agency could afford to have Area Disposal collect all the recyclables county-wide. As a result the costs of truck repairs, fuel and the drivers would be eliminated. Based on the information at hand, action was taken by the board in May 2014 to contract with Area Disposal to collect materials from all drop-off sites in the county beginning at some time in the future.

However, prior to the contract being signed, it was discovered that some recent financial information needed to be updated. Factors included a higher than anticipated cost for temporary collections because of the extended time without a driver, as well as the fact that the Agency's increased income would not begin until December 2014. Plus a carry-over deficit from previous years was overlooked. These factors would have created a carry-over deficit by the end of 2014 that was larger than anticipated with no additional income to reduce the deficit.

Ms. Rohlfs assembled charts showing a three year comparison of having Area Disposal collect all of the recyclable verses the Agency continuing as in the past. Due to increased costs over time, it was projected that a deficit of $45,000 was possible after 3 years with Area doing the collections, verses a potential positive balance of $6,000 after 3 years with the Agency continuing to do the collections, assuming the truck is still usable. Due to the present deficit situation, the Agency would not show a positive year-end balance until the end of FY 16-17. A discussion followed with the consensus being the Agency could not afford to contract with Area Disposal for county-wide service.

Mr. Andy Anderson made a motion to rescind the action taken in May 2014 having Area Disposal collect recyclables countywide, the motion was seconded by Mr. Ivan Rademaker. A roll-call vote was taken and all members present approved; motion carried. Area Disposal will continue to service the four roll-off bins as approved in May 2014.

HAULER LICENSE APPLICATIONS: Ms. Rohlfs has received payment and a completed Hauler License application from Advanced Disposal in Decatur. She has not received an application, nor heard from, an additional Decatur hauler who had expressed an interest in servicing Logan County.


2015 ASSESSMENT UPDATE: Assessments have been mailed to all members. The payment deadline for first installments is July 31st. Second installment notices will be mailed at the end of August with a payment deadline of October 31st.

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CARDBOARD RECYCLING HARTSBURG/EMDEN FFA: Ms. Rohlfs spoke with Ms. Betsy Pech, Hartsburg-Emden High School, about their Cardboard Recycling Program. Ms. Pech said the school had received an environmental grant through the FFA, but didn't think any future funding would be available. Ms. Pech is retiring at the end of the school year but took Ms. Rohlfs' name and number to give to her replacement. Ms. Rohlfs thought the Hartsburg-Emden FFA might be interested in bringing their trailer to the monthly glass collections to collect cardboard. Ms. Doris Last stated that the trailer used for the cardboard collection is not very big, which might present a problem if a lot of cardboard was collected.

Ms. Rohlfs will contact the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Recycling Division to see if grant funds are available for the purchase of a specialized bin for cardboard recycling. The agency will have to determine if rebates paid for cardboard recycling would be enough to cover the cost of the transporting the bin, as the Agency cannot afford to add additional processing/transportation costs to its budget. Rohlfs has previously spoken with International Paper who recycles all cardboard materials within their plant, but due to strict restrictions (no tape, staples, food products, etc.) is unable to accept cardboard from the community.

UNANNOUNCED NEW BUSINESS: Ms. Rohlfs reports that she has been contacted by the IL-EPA regarding the 2014 Fall schedule for area Household Hazardous Waste Collections. Logan County has tentatively been selected, but is awaiting official confirmation from the IL-EPA.

Members asked what items could be disposed of at a Household Hazardous Waste collection. Ms. Rohlfs replied that a list could be found on the Agency's Facebook page and includes the following items: oil-based paints, aerosol paints, thinners, cleaning products, fluorescent light bulbs, hobby chemicals, pool chemicals, antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, solvents, insecticides, herbicides, household batteries and double bagged and wetted asbestos.

Ms. Rohlfs reports that the glass from last Saturday's Glass Recycling collection had not yet been dumped, but estimated approximately 8,000 pounds of glass to be on the truck.

Ms. Rohlfs announced that in the last three days, there have been two instances of illegal dumping at the Lincoln roll-off bins located on Kickapoo Street. She checked the bins Monday (06-16-14) afternoon following the return of the paper bin. When she returned to the site approximately 10 - 15 minutes later, she found yard waste, boxes of food, pillows, shelving and other trash in the newly emptied paper bin. Ms. Rohlfs contacted the police and made a report. Ms. Rohlfs cleaned out the bin herself because it would have cost the Agency an additional $300 - $350 dollars to have it emptied a second time in a day. If it hadn't been cleaned out, the entire load of paper would have been contaminated.

When checking the bins on June 18th, she again found food and mail and the police were notified. Ms. Rohlfs was informed by the Circuit Clerk's office that if these cases went to court, they would appear in front of Judge Funk.

Ms. Rohlfs would like to propose to the Judge that if this illegal dumping continues, the violators be given the choice of a fine and court costs or assigned community service hours, to be spent cleaning up around the Kickapoo Street bins, Latham (Jaycee) Park and/or Scully Park. Ms. Rohlfs was informed that if community service was assigned, participants would have to be supervised. This item will be tabled for future discussion.

With tonight's business concluded, Chairman Struebing called for a motion to adjourn. Mr. Ivan Rademaker made the motion, which was seconded by Mr. John Utterback. All present approved and the meeting was adjourned at 8:02 PM.


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