Thursday, September 11, 2014
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First posted in LDN 09/14/2001
By the dawnís early light
Rising in the aftermath of this, an American tragedy
By Colin Bird


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[September 11, 2014]  I cried today. Not knowing personally a single victim, I cried. My heart fell with the towers.

And I love that my deep emotions are accompanied in full by other Americans in mourning. Americans mourning Americans. They are the victims. Helpless. Forced into a storm of pathetic hatred, into a situation they could not predict nor could they stop. Forced to accept an invitation to a front-row seat for their own execution. They could do nothing but watch as they waited to die. Pondering frantically what it was going to feel like to explode and to burn. Wondering how many others they would be taking with them. They were afraid, they were hostage, they ARE Americans. And their voices each have echoes.

So now we listen closely, never more somber, but never more united. And therefore proud. Proud today to call ourselves citizens of This Great United. We are the United States of America and we are together. As one, under God. Trusting God. We are Americans. And soon we fight back.

But the battle is already won. There are no atheists in a foxhole. Those aboard the planes were given time to find a Savior. Those in the towers and below, my God, I beg You, show mercy. And thatís how I fight.

For unquestionably there is more than one battle being waged. Without question we will destroy the pitiable, weak and cowardly terrorists who are useless in this life, as we have the means and now the desire necessary to do so. And do so swiftly, with a very big stick.

But the other battle is not fought with a destructive weapon or fist. Today it is obvious that we are being called on to fight this fight with prayer, with a faith and a confidence in our Almighty Commander In Chief.

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As always, many reactions, declarations and even small but heartfelt articles will be done in natural knee-jerk fashion. Good. Look around, listen closely. God is not being blamed, He is being called on for help. Knee-jerk or no, His power is at least being acknowledged. Regardless of their potentially temporary status, the seeds have been planted as, believe it or not, New York City itself was being labeled as "A City of Prayer."

Iíve never slept with the radio on, not once in my life, until the night of Sept. 11th. Reports fed through the wire all through the night, keeping me updated, but much more importantly, keeping me company. Emotionally drained and unable to sleep, I felt very alone. My bed seemed too large, my apartment so quiet. I donít know what it was exactly that I needed to feel, but I needed not to feel it alone.

And in the morning I woke, admiring an early dawn many others would now never know. I prayed in the aftermath, proud to be free to do so. Humbled to serve a God and a nation under Him that will forgive me for this anger Iíve yet to release.

Whether or not those who died screamed aloud in the face of terror, a scream echoes through the soul of all of us who know that their voices, their lives, will never be forgotten. And so allowing them to speak even after their earthly end, with their voices crying out, "God... bless the USA."

[Colin Bird]

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