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Dragon Tales for All Ages
Here There Be Dragons… 
Reviews by Melissa Oxborrow

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[September 17, 2014]  "I was reminded again recently in a fifth grade classroom how so many children are fascinated by all things magical, including imaginary creatures.  And they’re not alone.   Many of us love to dive into fantastical worlds populated with dragons, elves, unicorns, enchanted frogs, fairies---and more.  To celebrate these flights of fancy and imagination, here are a few fabulous dragon tales.  Enjoy!

by Emily Gravett,
32 pages, pre-K – grade 2

It’s Cedric the dragon’s bedtime and his mother is reading his favorite bedtime story---again and again, and again.  With each telling the story changes, getting shorter and shorter as mom tries to keep from nodding off. 

I love this book, the simple colorful illustrations, the relate-able story---and the tantrum that ends with a fiery hole in little dragon’s favorite book.  The physical hole at the back of the book always gets a gasp and wide eyes.  It’s a gentle reminder of the unexpected and often unfortunate consequences of losing our tempers.  Get ready for shouts of “Again!” from your own little ones after reading this dragon tale! 



How to Train Your Dragon
by Cressida Cowell,
214 pages, grades 3 - 6

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the chief’s son and a Viking, but not a natural hero.  In his own words: “This is the story of becoming a Hero the Hard Way”.  Hiccup’s adventures begin when he and his fellow warrior trainees are required to steal a dragon from the “dragon nursery”.  No dragon, no future.  Against all odds, Hiccup snatches a tiny, toothless dragon and that’s when the fun really begins.  Can Hiccup train a stubborn dragon and earn the respect of his peers?  Well, he’ll definitely get the chance when his tribe comes face to face with not one, but two mountain-sized dragons. 

You can’t help but root for Hiccup, the unlikely hero.  This adventure story is filled with slap-stick humor that will especially engage reluctant readers, and is a great reminder that brains are as important as brawn.  Simple black and white drawings enhance the story and will make your reader grin.  This book is the first in a series, available at the library, and is a great pick for boys, grades 3 – 6.  

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Dragon Rider
by Cornelia Funke,
527 pages, grades 3 - 6

Firedrake is a brave young dragon with a quest---to find the dragons’ ancestral home, the Rim of Heaven, where dragonkind can live in safety and peace, away from the prying eyes of the humans.   His journey is long and filled with dangers, but also with friends: Sorrell, a Scottish brownie that can’t keep his mouth shut, and Ben, a lonely orphan destined to become Firedrakes’ rider.  Their journey brings them face-to-face with a basilisk, a djinni, a sea serpent and more---all while trying to elude their mortal enemy, Nettlebrand. 

Will our friends be able to overcome the obstacles in their way?  Will they find their way home?  This rich fantasy is a great pick for children that love magic and adventure and that aren’t intimidated by a big book.  

by Rachel Hartman,
512 pages, grade 7 and up

Delve into a magical world reminiscent of medieval times, complete with awe-inspiring cathedrals, divine music, political intrigue---and dragons…

Dragons and humans live side-by-side in an uneasy peace in the kingdom of Goredd, one that has lasted generations.  Dragons take on human form and contribute to society in their rational analytical way as mathematicians, scholars and teachers.  But tensions are running high and when a member of the royal family is murdered, the flame of discontent and fear threatens to grow and consume everything in its path.

Seraphina Dombegh, a gifted musician employed by the crown, finds herself in the middle of the conflict.  As she partners with the captain of the Queen’s Guard, Prince Lucian Kiggs, she is drawn into a plot that she doesn’t completely understand and that could reveal her own dangerous secrets.  Secrets that could cost her love---and life.   

Beautifully written with compelling characters and a fully-realized fantasy world, this book is a great pick for teens that love a side of romance with their adventure and mystery.

[By MELISSA OXBORROW, Lincoln Public Library District]

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