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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


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It hadn’t been but a few minutes since I let them out. I know they had enough water. That day I had filled up their bowls twice already. It wasn’t even noon. But it was near 90 degrees. The humidity was thick. Finally, the dog days of summer were upon us.

That’s why my heart started racing when I saw him lying out there.

From where I was, I couldn’t tell if he was breathing. Chloe was busy chasing after a butterfly. But Silas, he was lying motionless in the middle of the backyard.

Quickly I opened the door and yelled his name.

“Silas! Hey pal.”


No lifting of the head.

No wagging of the tail.

With a little more angst in my voice I again yelled, “Hey pup. Let’s get out of this heat. Come on Silas.”

Sweet Chloe came bumbling over but Silas, he remained still in one spot.

As the sweat began to run down my back, I stepped off the porch and onto the rocks, making as much noise as possible to get his attention.

“Want a treat big fella?” I yelled.

No response.


By this time, the adrenaline was pulsating through my body. My walk had turned into a jog. Chloe was interested now too.

Finally, when Chloe and I were within a few feet of the golden dog his head raised and his tail started wagging. My heart stopped racing. And the two dogs started playing.

This wasn’t the first time Silas has done this to me. He often practices lying motionless in the sun during the hottest part of the day. No food or squeaky toy is ever enticing enough to get him inside. It is as if he enters a state of being that causes him to be still.


While I watched my dog basking in the sun, I thought of my favorite part from the evening prayer liturgy that is found in our Prayer Book:

Jesus Christ is the light of the world, the light no darkness can overcome.
Stay with us, O Christ, for it is evening and the day is almost over.
Let your light scatter the darkness and illumine your church.

Soon the summer days and the accompany heat will transition into the falling leaves and temperatures of autumn. Before you know it, we will likely be walking in a winter wonderland and lamenting for days like these.

So I encourage you, like Silas, to take time to sit in the sun. Be responsible about it. Drink water. Wear sunglasses or your favorite Chicago Cubs baseball hat. Soak yourself in the sun, letting it fill you with God’s love. Breathe in this love and breathe out your thanks.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world. There is comfort in that. There is hope in the light and peace in the warmth.

May you find a sunny spot and soak up the good news that you are golden in the eyes of God, while basking in the warmth of God's loving presence.
[Adam Quine Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Lincoln]


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