2015 Christmas Worship Guide

The best news... Jesus, a gift to the broken
By Pastor Michael Paulson, First United Methodist Church

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[December 10, 2015]  God has been on a rescue mission to heal people and the world since the beginning of the world. We're part of that healing mission RIGHT HERE in Lincoln and Logan County.

God recruited his first human partner in that rescue mission and said, "I WILL bless you; BE a blessing!" And after working through those people for over 2000 years, God came into the world in the person of Jesus to fulfill His rescue mission.

That's the best news the world has ever received; the Bible makes it clear that "God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world -- He sent his son so that the world might be saved through Him." (Direct quote from the account of Jesus' life written by John, found in the Bible in what we call John 3:17) That mission continues now and will continue until people and the world are restored to wholeness.

Sadly, too many people in the world don't see THAT as the face of God to the world. Instead, people see God as a shamer and a bully . . . mainly (and devastatingly) because that's how too many followers of Jesus have presented themselves or have presented God in that way. While Jesus has revealed the way to wholeness -- a life of following and trusting him and what he taught -- God came to bring that news to people who know they are broken and imperfect.

The Bible says that God showed his great love by seeking us while we were fighting and kicking against him to keep running down roads that lead to further brokenness.

God's mission goes on. YOU are the mission . . . the people you go to school with are the mission . . . the people on your softball team are the mission.  The coworker you don't like is the mission. How will YOU bring light and hope into the world?

That's the kind of community local churches are called to create -- a group of broken people in recovery, a people who are seeking through the power of God to lose behaviors and habits that harm themselves or others. We're local chapters of Sinners Anonymous. Just like any recovery group, people in churches will continue to flub it up, but like any recovery group we're committed to growing beyond that. And we're committed to seeking out and welcoming any who wish to be healed and made whole to gather with our Sinners Anonymous meetings. Because that's what God did. That's who Jesus is. That's His Christmas gift to us every year, and every day. We'd love to share that gift with you.

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