Logan County Board
October Airport and Farm Meeting

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[December 14, 2015]  LINCOLN - Blue Room, Logan County Safety Complex October 5, 2015

Present: Gene Rohlfs, David Blankenship, Bob Farmer, Dave Hepler, Chuck Ruben, Scott Schaffenacker Absent: Rick Aylesworth

Guests: Sam Evans, Curt Fox, Dennis Ramlow, Kevin Bateman; Jan Schumacher

Mr. Rohlfs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Farmer, seconded by Mr. Blankenship, to approve the minutes from the August 31, 2015 meeting as printed. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Pavement Marking and Maintenance (AAA-4438) – The State rejected the only bid the County had due to DBE requirements. There may be a January 2016 bid letting again; the hope is to have more participation in bidding.

Shrub Trimming/Removal – Done.

2015/2016 Budget Proposal

Community Support Criteria: Ruben discussed rewording the Community Support Criteria draft to clarify the deadline; the last sentence should read: “They must be completed and submitted by December 1, 2015 for events being held in 2016.” The Committee agreed on the new wording and to move ahead with submitting the updated version as a press release to all local media immediately.

Farm Tile Budget Amendment: Mr. Ramlow reported that although he doesn’t have a paper copy of a bid yet, the Farm needs approximately $13,500 worth of tile work done in the future. There is a main line that comes through there that has quite a few breaks and washouts in it; it spans about a quarter of a mile on the Farm. It would have about 5-6 tie-ins in the proposal. Mr. Ruben expressed that the money will need to be appropriated through a budget amendment to the FY 15-16 Budget. The amendment will reflect an increase of $15,000 in the Farm Operations Expenditures.

Farm Rent Consideration: Due to incurred losses on the County Farm and Airport, Mr. Ramlow requested that the rent price on the Farm lease be rolled back to the initial bid for the final 2 years of the lease. This would be $385, which removes the 3.5% per year. Mr. Ruben would be in favor of this action, but would like to ask the State’s Attorney if it can be done. Rent is due March 15, 2016.

New Business:

Radio Controlled Aircraft Event – Mr. Ramlow expressed concern about the June 4-5, 2016 event date; at that date this year, he did not have his first alfalfa crop clipping yet.

Mr. Rohlfs discussed concerns about a wet spring creating a compaction problem for parking during the event.

Mr. Bateman explained that this event will not be similar to the Balloon Fest; this is an aeronautical event, which means that there should not be much ground used. There will not be a beer tent, carnival, or things set on the runway.

Mr. Ruben stated that rent might have to be forgiven for alfalfa affected by the event.

Mr. Rohlfs reported IDOT did not term the event an “aeronautical” event, the airport cannot close runway 3/21 for the event, and all the applications/forms must be completed so that IDOT can decide if the event can or cannot be held. Mr. Rohlfs discussed limiting it to the grass runway and possibly the taxiway past the maintenance shed (Runway 14), but Mr. Lessen said that flight pattern will be over Mayfair, which cannot be done.

Mr. Lessen recommended using the grass runway 32 (across 3/21).

Mr. Rohlfs also discussed using a taxiway by the hangars but Mr. Holzwarth uses those excessively during the spring season. Mr. Rohlfs further explained a requirement stating the need to conduct the event at the airport being justified by citing that an objective evaluation of comparable venues has been conducted and no other venues exist within the community to reasonably accommodate the event.

Mr. Hahn stated that the community has lots of places it could be held other than the airport.

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Mr. Bateman would like the list of places to which Mr. Hahn refers. Mr. Bateman explained that Mr. Roger Russell, who is coordinating the event, is going to provide some documentation that the airport can be closed, and it has been in the past. The excitement over hosting the event in Logan County is due to the central location in the state and the Midwest; the hope is to grow it to a regional type event due to the centralized location. The program coordinators are discussing spending money at hotels, fuel, and food in Lincoln. The company would like to know the final decision by mid-December 2015 in order to begin coordinating with circuits in other states.

Mr. Rohlfs discussed the need for a committee to work with the event coordinators for all the details.

Mr. Bateman stated that he already informed the event coordinators that the County will not be responsible for safety, fencing, porta-potties, vendors, cleaning, or any funding.

Mr. Russell understood the terms Mr. Bateman explained to him and only requires the permitted runways and the grass being mowed short the weekend of the event.

Mr. Rohlfs inquired about the length of flying times. Mr. Bateman stated that the planes do not have lights, so he believed the event could only run from the morning hours to dusk.

Mrs. Schumacher explained that the Executive Committee brought forward this event out of the desire to increase special events in Logan County and the airport is the draw that would make this program successful.

Mr. Rohlfs read the special event application regarding quantifiable documented financial benefit to the airport.

Mr. Bateman inquired about the financial gain from the Balloon Fest every year.

Mr. Ruben stated it should be $5,600. Mr. Rohlfs discussed his desire to promote manned aircrafts that would hangar and buy fuel at the airport. Mr. Ruben suggested Mr. Bateman contact the IDOT representative directly to speak about the airport closing requirements.

Farm Tile Work – Mr. Ruben stated that the County must advertise for bid proposals.

Airport Report: The WIFI is fixed and operating. 995 gallons of gas sold.

HIF Report: Annual chili dinner on Sunday, October 18th, at 4:00pm. The HIF had a really good month with the 172 and the second airplane finally got its annual inspection. HIF will be running 2 airplanes again.

Farm Report: The shed still needs some repairs.

Budget Review: Nothing to report.

A motion was made by Mr. Blankenship, seconded by Mr. Ruben, to approve the bills as presented for payment. Motion passed.

Public Comments: How many hangars are available? Mr. Rohlfs reported 3 hangars are available. Are the doors upgraded? Mr. Rohlfs replied 2 have been upgraded and 1 was in good condition.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Farmer, to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 7:42 pm.

[Copied from Logan County website]

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