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October Executive

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[December 15, 2015]  LINCOLN - Logan County Safety Complex October 13, 2015

Present: Jan Schumacher; Andy Anderson; Kevin Bateman; Dave Blankenship; Dave Hepler; Scott Schaffenacker
Guest: Bob Farmer, Chuck Ruben, Emily Davenport, Laura Dick, Angela Reiners, Alison Rumler-Gomez, DiAnne Turner, Jon Wright

Mrs. Schumacher called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to approve the minutes from the September 8, 2015 meeting as printed. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Public Transportation:
Mrs. Dick from SHOWBUS explained the difficulty in the process of going out for proposal on public transportation providers; the process can delay the program and funding by up to 6 months. Mrs. Dick stated that IDOT will back away and react conservatively to a change due to conflict.

Mr. Bateman inquired as to whether that meant the County must stay with CAPCIL. Mrs. Schumacher stated that she believes the County can still change providers without going out for proposals.

A motion was made by Mr. Hepler, seconded by Mr. Anderson, to not go out for public transportation provider proposals. Motion passed.

Mrs. Schumacher had reached out to Community Action requesting a confirmation at the Executive Committee meeting of October 13 as to whether CAPCIL would be willing to commit to a Deviated Fixed Route.

Mrs. Rumler-Gomez replied with specific questions about the DFR.

Mrs. Schumacher presented a rough draft creating a Transportation Advisory Committee to meet monthly upon creation and then quarterly. A pilot program of the DFR will begin in the City of Lincoln and then expand into the other parts of the County.

A motion was made by Mr. Hepler, seconded by Mr. Anderson, to bring forward the establishment of the Logan County Transportation Advisory Committee to the full Board for approval. Motion passed.

Mrs. Rumler-Gomez stated that Mr. Lobb informed her that if she feels she does not have enough clarity to say CAPCIL can do it successfully than it is not a go as of tonight. She asked the County Board for latitude in the timeline.

Mr. Schaffenacker inquired about what mode the Board would use to change providers.

Mrs. Schumacher stated they would need to give CAPCIL the 30-day notice and then inform IDOT of the change.

Mrs. Rumler-Gomez stated that she would have no reservation in transitioning the program over to SHOWBUS if CAPCIL does not successfully complete the Deviated Fixed Route. Mrs. Rumler-Gomez discussed her need for specific criteria of success before committing to doing the DFR.

Mrs. Schumacher expressed that the smaller details will be decided at a later date, but the number one indicator would be ridership.

Mr. Bateman stated that he feels that the pilot program needs at least 1 full year; he expressed that the focus, right now, should just be getting it started instead of on the end result of success definition.

Mrs. Dick reported that SHOWBUS has not had a failure with a Deviated Fixed Route, but that it does take about 6 months to begin to see ridership build up. Mrs. Dick stated that she believes a Deviated Fixed Route is actually cheaper than a Demand Response Route. She stated that she canít see how a DFR could fail in Lincoln as it is the perfect sized town, has numerous resources that people want to get to, and a college; Mrs. Dick stated Lincoln has everything thatís going to make a DFR successful.

Mr. Bateman and Mrs. Schumacher agreed that the receptivity to implementing a new activity that the County Board wants is more important right now than the statistics of the other program CAPCIL is already running.

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Mr. Anderson expressed concern about the public being upset over switching providers.

Mr. Schaffenacker asked about the funding covering the costs.

Mrs. Rumler-Gomez stated that the reimbursement rate is 65%.

Mrs. Dick explained that service contracts with any non-profit, government, or churches are how the other percentage is successfully funded. She stated that the Deviated Fixed Route will actually create a better chance of finding matching funds.

Mrs. Rumler-Gomez stated that they currently cannot do the research for starting a DFR due to a shortage in staff.

Mrs. Dick stated IDOT has begun to pay the DOAP funding and the 5311 federal money can be received now as long as your contract has been executed.

A motion was made by Mr. Hepler, seconded by (inaudible) to change operators to SHOWBUS. Roll call vote taken, 2 yes 3 no 1 abstain. Motion failed.

A motion was made by Mr. Schaffenacker, seconded by Mr. Bateman, to request Community Action to move forward with the Deviated Fixed Route. Motion passed.

Events at Airport: Nothing to report.

Website: Nothing to report.

North Greens Golf Course: Nothing to report.

Referendum for Economic Development: Nothing to report.

LC Board Staffing: Mr. Bateman excused himself from the meeting for this issue.

Mrs. Schumacher presented applications for review; she will schedule each for an interview at the Tuesday Regular meeting.

Mr. Ruben discussed setting a salary range prior to calling applicants so that anyone currently making a higher salary than the Countyís offer will not need to interview.

Mrs. Schumacher discussed setting the range between $26,000 - $30,000.

Mr. Ruben discussed the salaries of other offices for comparison.

Mrs. Davenport discussed starting at the lower end of the range and offering a raise within a year.

Mr. Anderson discussed the salary being commensurate to the responsibility of PCOM and Affordable Care Act Compliance work.

Mr. Ruben suggested asking the candidates what their salary requirements are and then discussing the salary in executive session after interviews.

New Business: None

Public Comments: None

A motion was made by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:06 pm.

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