Logan County Board
October Special Executive

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[December 15, 2015]  LINCOLN - Logan County Safety Complex October 5, 2015

Present: Jan Schumacher; Andy Anderson; Kevin Bateman; Dave Blankenship; Scott Schaffenacker; Dave Hepler
Guests: Gene Rohlfs; Bob Farmer; Chuck Ruben; Emily Davenport; Dave Blankenship; Jonathan Wright; Mike Booher; Angela Reiners; DiAnne Turner; Alison Rumler-Gomez

Mrs. Schumacher called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm.

Mrs. Schumacher started the meeting providing remarks regarding the Logan County Board’s focus on public transportation. The goal is getting rides to the people who need rides. Politics sometimes get in the way of the end goal. She asked everyone to keep their focus on making transportation available to everyone. The goal of this meeting is to identify the best approach to that goal.

Old Business:

Public Transportation:
Mr. Anderson suggested requesting bids for providers after the first of the year, when a state budget agreement might be reached.

Mr. Ruben also agreed we should seek bids, as an outside operator could probably do a better job operating transportation than the County itself could and would eliminate the oversight and liability of yet another County office.

Mr. Hepler remarked it should not be impossible to accept proposals in a short time-frame since the information is readily available. He also reminded the group that a 30 day notice is required to make any change.

Mr. Bateman indicated he would like to explore the option of Logan County operating the program and eliminating an “extra” agency. Community Action is currently only offering critical medical transports to seniors through the Area Agency on Aging grant of which they are grantee.

Mr. Schaffenacker, Mr. Farmer, Mr. Rohlfs and Mr. Blankenship also believe it would be best to seek outside bids.

Mrs. Schumacher indicated it does not seem there are sufficient votes to make a decision this evening. She pointed out, however, that this question does impact the hiring of the new person for the office. If the County operates public transportation, a PCOM would no longer be required.

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Mrs. Rumler—Gomez expressed concerns about having adequate time to prepare a proposal with limited information.

Mrs. Schumacher suggested a sub-committee convene to draft the details of the proposal request, to be reviewed at the October 13th meeting.

A motion was made by Mr. Hepler, seconded by Mr. Bateman, to seek proposals to be received by October 13th. Motion failed. A motion was made by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Anderson, to develop request for proposal details for presentation to the committee on October 13th. Motion passed.

LC Board Staffing: Mr. Bateman abstained from discussion on this agenda item. A motion was made by Mrs. Davenport, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to go into executive session pursuant to 5 ILCS 120/2 © 1 – Personnel Matters.

Roll call vote taken 5 yes 0 no. Into executive session at 8:27 pm. Returned from executive session at 8:46 pm.

New Business:  None

Public Comments: None

A motion was made by Mr. Schaffenacker, seconded by Mr. Blankenship, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:47 pm.

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