Logan County Board
October Road and Bridge

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[December 17, 2015]  LINCOLN - Blue Room, Logan County Safety Complex October 5, 2015

Present: Bob Farmer; David Blankenship; Gene Rohlfs; Chuck Ruben; David Hepler

Absent: Rick Aylesworth

Guests: Bret Aukamp; Curt Fox, Kevin Bateman, Jan Schumacher, Jon Wright, Emily Davis, Andy Anderson, Mike Booher, Angela Reiners, DiAnne Turner, Alison Rumler-Gomez, Scott Schaffenacker

Mr. Farmer called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Rohlfs, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to approve the minutes from the August 31, 2015 meeting. Motion passed.

The list of claims for payments was reviewed. A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Hepler, to approve the list of claims for payment. Motion passed.

Maintenance: Sealcoat work is done for the year; this year had great success. Rainy weather in June caused a delayed start, but there were no other weather issues and no major equipment breakdowns. With sealcoat work completed, the crew has resumed the backhoe projects. Culverts, bridges, and ditches in the northwest part of the county are currently in the works. The work will move westward over the next month, and projects will be completed along the way. The mowing tractors have been serviced, but some minor repairs still need to be made. Roadside mowing should begin by the end of the week.

Construction: Roadwork near San Jose on CH 3 and CH 16 is complete. A single layer of sealcoat was applied this year, and a second coat is planned for next year. The bridge project in Orvil Township on 2200th St. is complete and open to traffic. The county-aid project for Elkhart Township is complete. Riprap was placed under a bridge over Lake Fork ditch near Cornland. Mr. Aukamp will present a full report on the project when all the bills have been received. The bridge project in Mt. Pulaski Township on 100th St. has begun. The old bridge has been removed, and the new bridge is taking shape.

Engineering: IDOT would like to start discussing programming of federal funds early this year so Mr. Aukamp has already begun to assemble status reports and cost estimates for some of the projects. The Road & Bridge Committee will need to review the 5-year plan at the November meeting so Mr. Aukamp can program funds for the approved projects. He also hopes to have estimates next month for riprap under bridges in Oran Township. Mr. Aukamp has been conducting follow-up culvert inspections on those in poor condition, and some will be slated for replacements this winter. No significant damage has been noticed on the road shoulders where many farmers have been loading grain trucks due to the dry, firm soil conditions. Mr. Aukamp explained to some citizens that loaded grain carts are not legal to haul on roadways or to haul on bridges. Mr. Aukamp will attend the IACE conference in Moline and a bridge inspection class in Springfield required to be Program Manager for the countyís bridge inspection program.

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Old Business:

High Speed Rail Crossings:
The rail crossing at Broadwell is open to traffic, but still needs minor repair work before itís complete. Mr. Aukamp is in discussions with Union Pacific
regarding detour traffic when the 600th Street crossing is constructed; he has concerns about the amount of coal mine traffic that would be detoured across Elkhart Hill and through the Village of Elkhart.

Repairs to County Highway 6 (Atlanta-Beason): The maintenance crew will be adding dirt to the shoulders where it is steep in the next few weeks and will continue to work with the grader as the rain continues. Once the roadway is smooth, the surface will be treated with calcium chloride to reduce the loose rock and dust. The road will be seal coated next year.

Road Conditions and Funding: Nothing to report.

Wind Farm Road Use Agreement: Nothing to report.

Equipment Purchases: Mr. Aukamp will attend a bid opening next week near Ransom, IL to bid on a used dump truck. Depending on the outcome of that bid opening, a budget amendment may be needed for the FY 14-15 budget.

New Business:

Approval of a construction contract for placement of riprap under a bridge in Atlanta Township:
Goodman Excavation offered to do the riprap project for Atlanta Township on 2300th St for $18,840.00. Mr. Aukamp recommended approving that contract. A motion was made by Mr. Hepler, seconded by Mr. Ruben, to approve the Goodman Excavation contract for riprap at Section 215-B-CA for $18,840. Roll call vote taken, 5 yes 0 no 1 absent. Motion passed.

Quarterly project status report: print out provided the Board members.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben seconded by Mr. Blankenship, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:00 pm.

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