Illinois Department of Labor reminds of new Changes in laws effective January 2016

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[December 17, 2015]   CHICAGO - December 17, 2015. The Illinois Department of Labor is responsible for the administration and enforcement of more than 20 labor and safety laws. Below are new changes in laws and new laws administered by the Department that are effective January 1, 2016.

Additional questions can be addressed by calling the following number, 312-793-2800. Please click the following link for details regarding the news changes in laws/news laws:

Public Act 99-0099 (HB2556) Human Trafficking-Notices

Public Act 99-0116 (HB3359) Amusement Ride Safety

Public Act 99-0418 (HB3619) Equal Pay Cover All Employers

Public Act 99-0017 (SB38) Min Wage Alternate Shift

Public Act 99-0303 (SB993) Employee Classification Deadline

Public Act 99-0336 (SB1683) OSHA-Employment-Federal Change

Public Act 99-0422 (SB1859) Employment Act-Violations-PEO

[Illinois Department of Labor]



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