Logan County Briefs: Appointments, Health Department seeks to fill space with dental and medical offices

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[December 18, 2015]  LINCOLN - On December 15, 2015, the Logan County Board held their Regular monthly meeting with all board members present. At the meeting, there were brief updates from a couple of committees, several appointments made, and approval of budget amendments and resolutions.

Ryan Murphy and Becky Werth were appointed to the Logan County Regional Planning Commission.

Andy Anderson will be appointed to the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council pending the Peoria Council's approval.

Pat O'Neill was appointed to the Animal Control and Insurance Committees.

David Blankenship and Scott Schaffenacker were appointed to the Economic Development Subcommittee.

Other updates

Health Department Administrator Don Cavi said that they are still looking at bringing a dental clinic to the department, getting a lease agreement, and hoping to bring in either SIU Family Medicine Board or another group to run it. The groups would provide both medical and dental clinics, but the department would have to rearrange some office spaces and possibly get grants for the clinics.

Cavi said they would still be closing on Fridays at noon until probably March due to the state budget issues.

Cavi was happy to report that the department's Home Health Division got a patient satisfaction award again this year and they have been in the top twenty percent divisions in Illinois for the past two years.

On financial matters, the Board also approved an amendment to correct errors in the Waste Management budget for Fiscal Year 2016, and another amendment to the State's Attorney budget for Fiscal Year 2015. They also approved a fee to the State's Appellate Prosecutor's Office, as well as a approved Board Chairman David Hepler to act on behalf of the Board at the power auction, so a low electric rate can be locked-in.

Four resolutions were approved for the Road and Bridge Committee. Two resolutions for Motor Fuel Tax Funds and two for maintenance. County Engineer Bret Aukamp said that the bids and prices for materials were about ten percent higher this year as the materials came from a further location.

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In economic development and work force, board member Pat O'Neill said that 11 new businesses have opened in the area recently and unemployment is lower than it was two years ago. He said many are pleased about the new theater opening this week.

In other updates

Board member Andy Anderson said that the transportation advisory committee has had two meetings and will meet two times a month as they work on.

Guest Joe Schaler of the Marine Corps League said plans for the Veteran's Assistance Commission (VAC) are coming along. Local veterans are establishing a scholarship available to those who have family members that received a Purple Heart.

Schaler also said that seven of the 12 area veteran's organizations are involved in starting the VAC. Some people think it is already in place, but they are still in the planning stages. Those involved are working on bylaws, getting input on services needed, preparing a website, setting up brochures, and planning to do speaking engagements in January.

The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

[Angela Reiners]

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