Heavy rain and flash flooding impact Logan County

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Localized flash flooding has impacted Logan County these post-Christmas
days. On Monday drivers were once again cautioned about flooding on country

Pictures by  Jan Youngquist

To Lincoln west, drainage water filled ditches. At the Kroger/Big R parking lot water channeled to lift stations to the north side of Route 10/Woodlawn Road reached near limits over the noon hour on Monday.


On Lincoln's north side at Nicholson Road and Lincoln Parkway, Brainard's branch which channels field water run-off to Kickapoo Creek was reaching full capacity over the noon hour also.

Back waters created by Kickapoo Creek breeching its banks threaten 1250th Ave. north of Lincoln.

Fields that flooded earlier this year north of Kickapoo Creek between Nicholson Rd. and old 121, once again had wide spread flooding.

This area along 1900 Street was close but remained clear, but field to field flooding created dangerous road conditions where roads were covered with water throughout the area.

Kickapoo Creek was well out of its banks on Monday. Larger rivers that the Kickapoo and other area rivers feed into, such as the Mississippi, are expected to reach peak on New Year's Eve, Thursday, and are forecasted to reach major flood levels.


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