2016 Logan County Fair

2016 4-H Sheep Show going strong in Logan County

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[August 10, 2016]  Counting one sheep, two sheep, three sheep... to sleep is said to be soothing, and last Friday morning, it was a calm place to be as numerous 4-Hers competed in the 2016 Sheep show at the Logan County Fairgrounds.

Three families made the four-hour show run like counting sheep. 

Two Coers families were out in full support. There was John of New Holland, and Jim of Mason City, who brought all their family from wives to grown kids, grandkids and even the family dog who herds, were there to work the show. There were even a couple of family kids that competed and did well.

John serves as Superintendent and Jim as Assistant Superintendent along with Steve Schreiner.

Factoid: How do you know one sheep from another when they look alike?

According to the Logan County Fair rule book, "All ear tags, tattoos, or horn markings must be visible for the ring clerks to read."

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On top of all that, many of the youth ran back and forth to the big show barn as the Beef Show also began at 8 a.m., and most show more than one animal in each show. While the temperature wasn't too bad, they were working up a good sweat from moving all those animals.

The day ran smooth and when it came time for blue ribbons to return to the ring for the top awards competition, to the appreciation of all Coers' ramped up the announcing excitement with added fanfare. His enthusiasm helps as youngsters entering their third hour of bringing out various animals, many running back and forth between two different shows, now are growing a bit weary

As the four-hour competition wound down, it was now the noon hour. You can bet that everyone had been up early for chores on the farm and at the fairground, and then in place well before the 8 a.m. show began with their sheep and themselves groomed.

As the show came to an end, the Schreiner and Coers families had a nice surprise. They brought in lunch so everyone could replenish their energy and just stick around to enjoy visiting one another.

Pam Schreiner said in the years their kids were showing, they had always talked about doing this; how nice it would be. The 4-H families are all there together and hungry.

This was the first year the Schreiners, who raise sheep, didn't have anyone competing. The youngest son, Garrett, has swept many awards in past years, and still qualified to compete this year, but was working a summer job. He heads off to college in the fall in pursuit of a mechanical engineering degree he intends to use for agriculture.

So, Steve and Pam could finally find time to prep a meal and bring it to the fair for all the 4-H families to enjoy.

On the menu were lamb brats, green beans, and chips.
Steve smoked the brats in apple wood an hour-and-a-half. They were so popular; some folks came back for seconds.

Fair President Dean Bruns was seen carrying three brat sandwiches. Several others with the fair board and 4-H office joined the lunch, appreciating the concept and the hospitality of the families.

Bloomington Meats processed the lamb brats served.

[Jan Youngquist]

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