2016 Logan County Fair

2016 Logan County Horse Show draws large interest

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[August 11, 2016]  Like a parade, this year's fair coverage has the horses at the end. And like the saying goes, the last is not least. There were a quite a number of super fine looking horses and riders demonstrating skill in showmanship, in addition to others there to demonstrate physical prowess, and one with a story.

The Open Show drew all ages from the very young and brave, to seniors. Competitions included halter showmanship, walk trot, pleasure, poles and barrels racing.

With so much interest and drawing a large number of horses and competitors, the show that began at 10 a.m. Wednesday on the north field, lasted well into the afternoon hours.

One horse has been performing with in a family of three generations in 4-H. The owner shared with pride how this 28-year-old has performed well. Now white with small brown freckles, he might not be recognized by others from years past as his coat has changed colors three times.

On this day he made several trips to the ring with different members of his family. This sweet gent knew just what to do and when to do it, on entering the ring instantly giving a spirited performance. Between sets, he rested himself conserving every bit of energy for the next big opportunity with the next family rider.

Already worthy of a life-time achievement award, this horse still has one more family rider coming up he has to see through 4-H. He seemed to know he is much loved and appreciated as his gals spoke softly to him.

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One other horse amazed spectators. In-tune with its rider they wove smoothly around a line of poles with precision, grace and speed. Quite a feat that required a lot of trust, familiarity and communication; for the horse only had its right eye.

[Jan Youngquist]

See the 2016 Logan County Fair magazine pages 6 through 8 on the Mount Pulaski Horse shows 1912 - 1936.

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