'Zoolander' stars warn about dangers of 'Blue Steel'

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[February 09, 2016]  Fifteen years have passed since male models Derek and Hansel strutted their stuff on the catwalk in fashion comedy "Zoolander" and the duo now return for a sequel, still posing with their famous pouts.

"Zoolander 2" sees the rivals turned friends -- played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson -- embark on a new mission as mysterious assassins target the celebrities.

The original movie, released in 2001, was not an immediate box office hit but has gathered a steady following over the years.

"We didn't feel the pressure to be as good or as funny as the first one," Justin Theroux, one of the movie's writers, told Reuters in an interview. "We were just kind of like let's just make it bigger, as funny and not sort of hammer the same beats."

Comedian Will Ferrell reprises the role of villainous fashion designer Mugatu in the sequel, which also stars Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig and has cameos from many famous faces.

"I think fans will be very excited and happy with the way the film delivers not only for the fans of the original one but new fans who maybe ... didn't see the first one will be able to come along for the ride as well," he said.

"It's just bigger scope and brand new fun characters, shot in Rome."

Ferrell and Wiig also had advice for anyone attempting Derek Zoolander's famous 'Blue Steel' pose, saying it must be done carefully.

"Girls can usually tell when you're making a face," Wiig said. "Plus 'Blue Steel' it's not a look to take lightly. There's a lot of power," Ferrell added.

"And if you don't know how to harness that energy, it'll work in reverse. You'll hurt people."

"Zoolander 2" is released in cinemas from this week.

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