Atlanta Garden Walk
Marian Adams and Julie & Gary Frantz

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[July 01, 2016]   Marian Adams home - The next stop on the tour was the home of Marian Adams. There, one found an abundance of Hosta, trailing ivy, and other ground cover plants with potted plants scattered among them, all situated near the back patio with stepping stones providing a path to other parts of the garden.

Marian enjoys time on her patio watching the birds and there hangs from the trees several bird feeders that help keep her feathered friends coming back for more.

In other parts of the garden, flowering plants are planted in clean, tidy beds. Visible from the front of the house, a fabulous snowball-white hydrangea adds to the landscape and day lilies surround the mailbox.

Julie and Gary Frantz home

The Frantz home sits on the edge of town so they have a unique situation where they can enjoy town from their front door and the wide open spaces of the country from the back patio. Gary Frantz was on hand on the front lawn with Julie in the back, both talking about their home and what they have done in their landscape. Gary said that when the Frantzís moved into the home, the lawn was filled with trees. However, the age of the trees and some tree illnesses put the couple in a position where they had to take out several. Even so, there is plenty of shade in the front lawn, and lots to see all around the house.

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The back lawn features lots of colorful blooming plants mixed generously with Hostas and ferns. Throughout the garden is beautiful and interesting lawn art. One such item is an ornamental version of an old garden-rower, a metal wheeled tool with a single plow sheer on the back for making rows in the garden.

After making a stop at a fabulous patio for a glass of cold water, tourists were then able to follow a stone path around the far side of the house, taking in a hidden butterfly ornament and a working fountain.

[Nila Smith]

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