Community support, staff and board dedication make Mason City Nursing Home a celebrated place for senior care

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[June 10, 2016]  MASON CITY - On Wednesday evening, a large group gathered at the Mason City Nursing Home to celebrate a milestone in the history of the facility.

The Mason City Nursing home opened in 1989 and had seen consistent growth and progress in the services it offers to Mason County seniors over its 25 years. This week, the staff, board, and administration celebrated the completion of a remodeling project that gave the interior of the facility a new fresh look.

The nursing home held an open house for the community with a large turnout. At 6 p.m. there was also a ribbon cut with the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce. From the Chamber Director Cathy Wilhite was joined by Chamber Ambassadors and volunteers to help perform the ribbon cut. From Lincoln, though not acting in her Mayoral capacity, Marty Neitzel was also on hand. Neitzel is a member of the Healthy Communities Partnership Senior Taskforce and was on hand as a representative of that unit.

The evening began with a few words from the Nursing Home Administrator Christine Banks. She welcomed guests and commented that she was celebrating four years with the nursing home and that it had been the best years of her career.

She invited everyone to take a tour of the remodel. She talked about how the nursing home came to be as a vision of several Mason City and Mason County residents who recognized the need for a professional nursing facility and raised funding to get it done.

She noted some of the most recent improvements at the nursing home including the purchase of a transportation bus for residents as well as the construction of a bus barn to store it in. She said that therapeutical equipment had also been updated.

She acknowledged the people who had worked on the recent remodel, thanked the board for their support as well as the efforts of Heritage Enterprises that provides the professional care for the residents of the nursing home. She also acknowledged the staff who had worked around the remodel, and especially thanked the residents who had been so patient during the remodel.

She then asked for Pastor Sprinkel to say a few words. Sprinkel is the chairman of the nursing home board of directors. Pastor Sprinkel began by saying that he could probably just say “ditto” to all Banks had said, and that would be good enough. He did go on to comment about the hard work and sacrifice, as well as the large amount of financial support that came from the community to bring this facility to fruition 25 years ago. He said that the celebration on this day was really just a celebration of the continuation of what was started back then.

He noted that the community appreciated the partnership in the care of its residents with the Heritage of Care. He noted that the nursing home had some of the very best administrators both past and present that have made the nursing home successful. He also acknowledged the staff and the directors of nursing saying they were the best around.

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The final official from the nursing home to speak was Cheri Lowney, who is a vice-president with Heritage Enterprises. She said that it was a privilege to be a part of the celebration on behalf of Heritage and that working with this nursing home and this community was a great pleasure. She said that regarding the residents and the quality of care, this is one of the finest facilities, due in no small part to the dedication of the staff and board.

She noted that there were many on staff that have been with the nursing home for the long term and that in itself is very impressive and speaks to how the home is managed.

Cathy Wilhite with the Chamber was the last to speak before the ribbon cutting. She thanked the nursing home for inviting the Chamber to be a part of their celebration. She noted that the Chamber is very proud to have the nursing home as a member of the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber. She offered quick acknowledgment of Neitzel, and the members of the Chamber Ambassadors and Logan County Alliance, who were on hand.

Banks then invited particular members of the staff and board of directors to join her and Pastor Sprinkel behind the ribbon. With the traditional countdown, Pastor Sprinkel then snipped the ribbon.

The evening was topped off with a massive buffet of finger foods including savory bites, miniature desserts, and fresh fruit. Guests were invited to stay and visit, enjoy the atmosphere of the family room, and take a tour of the fresh new finishes at the nursing home.

According to its website, the Mason City Nursing Home is a community-owned 97-bed facility offering multiple levels of care including shelter care, intermediate care, and skilled nursing care. The facility is managed by Heritage Enterprise or Heritage of Care.

Also on the website, there is a fresh collection of photos illustrating the modern facility and its lovely décor and surroundings.

Find the photo album at this link:

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