Clerk updates public on voter registration mailings

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[June 18, 2016]  LINCOLN - We have been notified by the Illinois State Board of Elections that The Voter Participation Center in Chicago, Illinois (VPC) will be sending out a mass voter registration mailing to residents eligible to vote in all Illinois jurisdictions.

The mailing was sent out by the company this week, and the Logan County Clerk now expects a larger than normal number of applications being returned to her office. “This mailing from an outside source, although not produced from our office, will affect many of our already registered voters.

If a registered voter receives one of these mailings, feel free to update your registration on the form and send it in.

If you have not moved or changed your name since the last election, you can discard the mailing,” Clerk Turner said. She also stated that if recipients of the mailings have questions about the form or how they received their mailing information, feel free to contact the Company VPC at 202-659-9570.

[Logan County Clerk Sally Turner]

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